Defection of Conservative Blogger may be part of Gang Initiation.




As you know, the local press has been all aflutter the last few days ever since the surprise departure of conservative writer Jeff Wilson from the freewheeling Apple Cider blog.

But are the two most commonly accepted motives for Wilson’s departure the only possible explanations?  Was Wilson, by his own account, simply irritated with his liberal counterpart and fellow attorney Grover Zirconia‘s “bad writing” and tireless advocating for the Occupy movement?  Or how about the countervailing theory, that Wilson is simply weary of having his ass handed to him in debates with Zirconia and other leftie Apple Cider denizens?

No, says my personal secret law-enforcement source, who demands and is granted anonymity for no particular reason!  Apparently there is a lot more to it, and it looks like it may be much more sinister and colorful – this fracas has many of the markings of an initiation ritual for one of those notoriously ferocious gangs of right-wing bloggers, such as that pictured… to the right.

The evidence, or as much of it as my source feels comfortable sharing, is circumstantial but certainly enough to give one pause.

Law enforcement sources see the fingerprints of feared conservative gang leader Jon Fleischman all over this case.

In short, early Thursday afternoon witnesses saw a white Toyota Corolla, model year 2000 to 2003, parked in a Costa Mesa alley around the corner from Wilson’s law firm, and overheard two men inside arguing heatedly.  This vehicle is registered to none other than the Flash Report’s Jon Fleischman, the widely feared enforcer of conservative, anti-labor orthodoxy in the California GOP, the rightwing blogosphere, and elsewhere.

Afterwards, Wilson was observed departing the car, slumped and shaken, walked into the nearest bar, ordered a scotch, pulled out his laptop and began typing, while visibly weeping.  This was 2PM on Thursday, precisely when Wilson’s farewell post was filed.

And moments after Wilson’s post appeared on computer screens across the county and state, four pudgy thirtysomething white men in suits drove slowly by the pub in a convertible, honking and singing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

Even if this evidence leads nowhere, the very fact that we are suspecting the involvement of Conservative Blogger Gangs (CBG’s) speaks volumes to the reign of terror they’ve held us under, and itself justifies draconian measures against them.  I’m thinking of anywhere two or more of these characters congregate together – Red County, the Flash Report, BigGovernment.Com, HotAir, RedState.  If a conservative blogger cannot feel free to consort with his ideological opponents without fear of gruesome retaliation, all these CBG’s must be broken up altogether for the vibrancy of our democratic discourse!

Is it irresponsible to speculate this way?  No!  As Peggy Noonan once memorably wrote in reference to the equally weighty matter of Bill Clinton’s sex life, “It is irresponsible NOT to speculate.”

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