Not All Ron Paul Supporters Are This Dumb, but…




Ron Paul and Darth Vader duel over chemtrails

"Join me, Ron Paul, and we together we shall rule the Geo!" "NEVER!!!"

I don’t think that it’s quite fair to hold a candidate responsible for the excesses of his or her most absurd supporters, but … wow.

One rap on Ron Paul is that he has been actively currying the favor of Alex Jones-caliber nutjobs for decades and so holding him responsible for their excesses is fair game.  I presume that whatever Paul supporters we have here will challenge that, but … again, wow.

I had heard mutterings about “chemtrails” from a few at the Occupy encampment in Irvine, where we are not in short supply of fans of El Paul, but had not really bothered to figure out what they were talking about because I first wanted to understand what they thought would actually replace the Fed if it was Ended.  But the Iowa Caucus has brought all things Paul to the cultural forefront, and a foray into a Republican website led me to a video that … wow.

Chemtrails — which I’d always understood were called “contrails” — are a key conspiracy item in a theory that the gummint is engaged in geo-engineering.  Now, I have heard of geo-engineering discussed seriously, although not in any sort of a “this will really happen” way, for some time, specifically related to global warming.  What if we could put a large amount of aluminum confetti (or whatever those Mylar balloons are covered with) into the upper atmosphere to ward off the sun’s excess heat?  Well — maybe, I suppose … if truly necessary to protect humanity … but I’d really like to be more sure about its working (and its reversability) then I am about, oh, nuclear power after Fukushima.  And, in general, I do not think that any such enterprise should be done secretly, even if at all, because it feeds, well, paranoia.

Paranoia, you say?  Check out this video of what self-proclaimed Ron Paul supporters are doing to protect themselves from dangerous “chemtrails”:

Yes, these intrepid fighters against government whatever are spraying vinegar into the air in their backyard in order to dissipate the “chemtrails” — and, LOOK, it’s WORKING!!!

My Spider Sense is sending me two contradictory messages about this.  The first is that this is Romney’s Rovian, Atwatery, Tuckoid pranksters at work trying to make Paul and his supporters look ur-dickulous.  If that’s true, why should I help Romney, Inc. do its evil work of character assassination?  And then the second message I perceive is: no, I don’t think that Ron Paul thinks that vinegar spray helps dissipate “deadly chemtrains,” but — I do think that his supporters might.  Is this video legit?  I’m afraid so.  I’m very afraid so.  In which event I say: … wow.

The real question is: if and when Paul loses, will these people vote at all?  What’s Libertarian Gary Johnson’s position on chemtrails?  Now there’s a question I’ll bet that he never thought he’d have to ask himself this year!

Update, 1/1/12: If some people think I’m being too tough on Paul here, consider that at least I’m being nicer than most Republican Presidential candidates!  That linked story on “the excommunication of Paul” is worth reading.

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