Should Fountain Valley Go?




With the budget pressures on government these days there is increasing talk about possibly consolidating some cities, thereby reducing their numbers and the number of high priced employees, such as City Managers, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, Public Works Directors, and on and on. It seems the cost of local control through incorporation of a city is coming into focus.

Recently the Orange County Board of Supervisors was, like the Supervisors in all counties, tasked under state law to re-draw the five Supervisorial district boundaries to balance the population of the districts to reflect the population realities of the most recent census – in this case the 2010 census. So-called community leaders from the county’s Vietnamese community spoke before the Board of Supervisors in opposition to a plan that would split their west-county population among districts, and thus among two or more Supervisors, for the next 10 years.

The Supervisors agreed to an alternative plan that instead split the City of Fountain Valley, placing the northern part of that City, an area of significant Vietnamese population, in the same Supervisorial District as Westminster, thus consolidating a large concentration of Vietnamese in a single district. The southern part of Fountain Valley, reportedly populated by mostly Anglos, will be in another district.

So, is this basically a finding that Fountain Valley is not really a community, but rather at least two separate communities? It would seem so.

The question that follows then is just what is the purpose of the incorporated area we know as Fountain Valley if the reality is that it is far from a homogenous community? Maybe the first step in reducing the myriad government agencies in Orange County would be to follow this example set by the Board of Supervisors in its redistricting actions. This could be done by eliminating the City of Fountain Valley, moving its parts to adjacent cities based upon ethnic and cultural concentrations. Food for thought.

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