“Glow in the Park” Football Uniforms?




OK, we dislike greatly the  Oregon Ducks!  They have a very disagreeable Coach, Athletic Director and Team generally.  We were overjoyed when Auburn won the National Championship last year and beat those Ducks with impunity.  The Ducks are into to dirty tricks, dirty play and play the rules on the edge and beyond.  Their “Electric Green Highlighter”- “Glow in the Park” socks, shoes, helmet O’s and the rest are especially bugging.

Well, having never been that excited about LSU before, they certainly endeared us yesterday, when they soundly defeated the Oregon Ducks….and their evil Nike paid for uniforms and sporting equipment.  Les Miles, who is the Coach of LSU many times was too abrasive or condesending for our taste, but yesterday he did it just right.  Thank you LSU……if you meet those nasty Ducks again – give them the same treatment.

Then there was Georgia, who we usually we had not thought that badly of…..until they came up with “their” new  “Electric Red” Uniforms.  Very bugging…..all Electric Red – head to toe.  Now, we can’t stand Boise State that much and their stupid new helmet design is a joke.  Looks like a 10 year old got loose in the clubhouse.  Yet, having said that – the boxboy quarterback tore up the Bulldogs and soundly defeated those new evil “Nike Ugly” Uniforms from Georgia.

Finally, there was mitagation.  Big Blue, University of Michigan who has a history of great disappointment since the departure of Coach Bo Shimbeckler decades ago; are now trying to change their luck.  The problem:  The Uniforms have been changed so that the Yellow part of the uniform has become “Electric Yellow”.  Michigan trounced Western Michigan….but we can’t blame the uniforms for that.  We will hold our evaluation of the success or failure of the Michigan program as the season progresses.

Let’s just say,  School colors have never included “Electric Highlighter Glow in the Dark” color schemes.  Never!  Allowing those very distracting additions to football uniforms when those colors are not used for Baseball, Basketball, Track or Swimming Programs or are any part of the Official School Colors should be rejected.  The NCAA….again, is way behind the curve.  Oregon used the “Glow in the Park Uniforms” last year for the National Championship Game.  No action was taken and the NCAA just dummied up.  Using uniforms as distractions to the game should not be allowed.  By the way, last year TCU also used a breed of Nike Uniform – helmets and shining jerseys, although we didn’t see their opening game this year…..but they lost too!  Let them take those Glow in the Park Uniforms to the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.

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