“Complicit in a Murder” – McKinley, Jones and Bankhead of Fullerton




This poster, slamming the “Three Blind Mice” of the Fullerton City Council for their complicity in covering up the murder of Kelly Thomas at the hands of Fullerton police, was created by Juice friend and Fullerton activist Steve Baxter.  All he has to say about it is he “forgoes all rights, and it may be used for good or profit.”   For larger version, click here.

Check on the progress of the RECALL of these three Councilmen here.  In short the process is moving along in the way it should be, and some time next month will be the rush to collect signatures to get this on the November ballot along with the referendum to stop development on West Coyote Hills.  I still have no word on who might be running to take the place of these three councilmen, but you’ll know as soon as we do.  Here’s what the recall effort is going to need right away – from the above site:

As for your involvement, here is what we need in order of priority:

  1. Volunteers who are BOTH currently, legally registered voters who are registered IN Fullerton.  We need these people to volunteer as signature gatherers.  It is our plan to send out teams of 2 or more signature gatherers to major foot traffic areas in the city.  Shopping centers, supermarkets and so forth.  We will do several things for these volunteers.
    1. Train them on how to legally collect a signature.
    2. Basic talking points to maximize success and comfort in the signature gathering process.
    3. Tools, like simple brochures or pamphlets.
    4. Signage to aid in the overall  presentation of your request.We have many experienced people on our team and if you are willing, we will help you to help us do this right!
  2. Registered Fullerton Voters to simply commit to signing the petition.
  3. Any volunteers who are not registered Fullerton voters will likely be able to assist with the signature gathering teams as speakers, assistants, or what have.  They simply cannot be the individual to verify the signature.  There will be other voluntary jobs available, such as disseminating materials and water to our teams and other logistical tasks.

We are likely 20 to 40 days out from getting our petition format approved and begin the signature gathering process.  Please direct your interested friends to either of our websites to give us their information as well!

(I always mention, even though I’m not supposed to, that these three Councilmen are not only complicit in covering up the murder of Kelly Thomas, but also comprise the council majority giving Chevron the green light to develop West Coyote Hills, and not even consider Councilwoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s excellent and environmentally sound compromise suggestions.  So, if that gives you a little extra motivation, GREAT!)


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