The Land of Unresolved Issues




Perhaps it all started with Natalee Holloway.  A missing body, an organized crime connected killer whose father was a local judge in the Time Share and Gambling Capital of the Carribean.  The story drags on into today without resolution.  Then came the strange death of Michael Jackson.  The awful father and brother, the suspect resident Doctor for drugs only a 60’s rock band could love.  The indictment of the Doctor and the endless conversations by Jackson’s family, friends and totally unconnected celebrity pundits.  As the current trial goes on…..nothing is likely to be resolved in the end.  Maybe Larry King can do another Retirement Special to keep us confused for another five unresolved years!

Then came Calee Anthony, Casey Anthony, Cindy Anthony, the retired Police Detective father and possible Casey molester, the incest suspect driven brother, the missing 2 year old with duck tape and baby sticker hearts on her forehead, the missing paternal connection.  The endless coverage of a slam dunk, go to the gas chamber “Tot Mom” that never reported her daughter missing for 31 days…and then only to “her mom Cindy”!  Casey gets aquitted by a jury of her peers in 11 hours…..liars, hopeful to make millions in book and movie deals after they let the biggest liar next to Joran Van Der Sloot – Free!  Another Unresolved issue!  Let’s hope that Jury is outed finally.  Who are those people anyway?

Then comes the story of President Barack Obama.  Was he born in Kenya or Hawaii?  Is he in the pocket of Big Banking or the Unions?  Is he a Socialist Democrat or a just Capitalist Plant for the Banking Industry?  Is Obama the great American Hero that saved our country and the world from the worst economic rip off in history and was able to dust Osama Bin Laden – when no one else could for 11 years;  or is he simply the Anti-Christ that is causing Global Warming and Natural Disasters!  Another long term unresolved issue!

Or how about the strange case of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and how he said the case of Brian Stowe at Dodger Stadium on opening day was solved in May and now says there were some misunderstandings and misidentifications along the way.  Stowe is still brain dead and now we have to determine if the two new suspects in the case really are really connected to the beating of the Giants fan!  Another unresolved issue.

How about all the missing Republicans that can’t find their voices when it comes to resolving the hike in the National Debt Ceiling.  Float a bond measure or don’t.  All sounds rather straight forward….but then right now no one can make a decision.  No one can figure out how to end anything.  Even the folks running for President in 2012 are having a tough time figuring out whether they will be running or not and for how long.  Michelle?  Newt? Rand? Maybe Ivanna Trump before it is all over….no she wan’t born in this country was she?  How about Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?  We still like Elizabeth Hasselbeck!

Seemingly, the list of lost kids, dogs, wives, husbands, aunts, uncles and other killed and dismembered family is growing by leaps and bounds.  What is up with our society?  You drive down the any street or highway in America and the folks are mean, cut people off in traffic, slow down for no purpose, don’t move forward when the light changes, continue to use their cell phones and text endlessly when it is against the law.  The cops hide on private property and then bust folks for expired registration rather than for cell phone and texting violations.

Finally Jaycee Lee Duggard was found.  After only 18 years!  Jaycee will now take the rest of her life to recover from work of Phil and Nancy Garrido!  Or how about Elizabeth Smart, the Mormon girl stolen directly out of her house by another junior Manson team.  Stealing kids seems to be epidemic, along with lying and lying and lying and people getting away with this nonsense for decades, years and months.  Why doesn’t the Lindberg Death Penalty Law apply in these cases?

Microsoft finally opens up stores like Apple has for years, but still can’t stop the “killer updates” which ruin XP and Vista machines with endless driver re-loads that make those machines constantly re-boot.  Unresolved, unreported and still unbelieveable to this day!  Where is the class action suit for this “inside hack job” stuff?  Unresolved……to the max!

How about some new jobs?   How about stopping our jobs from going out of this country?  How about the price of Real Estate being made into real numbers!  When is that going to happen?  Ever?  When will local government Re-Assess Property Values downward – across the board?  Commercial and Residental Real Estate both?  Unresolved…..for how long now?  What about Rupert Murdoch?  Did he know about the illegal hacking of everyone but the kitchen sink?  You can bet this will be another Unresolved Issue for quite some time.  Or what about the guy that killed his wife in Mexico?  When might he get extradition papers and when might he finally got back to face the music?  What about Linday Lohan?  How many provacative dresses will it take to have her finally face the music?

How about the NFL and NBA lock outs?  “They say…” we are close to an end for the NFL contract!  What about Health Insurance for the players that retire and are cut out of the system in just five years?  A national tragedy…watching those heroes stumble and become hooked on Big Pharma drugs just to survive the next day!  The NFL needs to be accountable for the health of their players during and after they play the big game.  The same goes for the NBA, the NHL, MLB and even for major college players that do not go on the Bigs!  The incidences of knee, shoulder, ankle and hip injuries also epidemic and not being addressed.  These injuries can be both season or career ending events.  Major Colleges are making billions and examples like those of Stafon Johnson abound.  Stafon Johnson you might recall had a 220 lbs weight land on his larnax at USC.  Sadly, he couldn’t return to his former level and now is in serious financial problems trying to get well and find a new career.  He is forced to sue the University because they will not pay for his health and financial issues.  Sad.

Life is full of problems, everyone knows that!  There are no guarantees of success or of finding a great life.  We are all here on a “wing and prayer” hoping upon hope that life will find us in a lucky place from time to time!  It however does not help that issues are simply not being dealt with swiftly.  Those problems tend to build and build into a variety of very stupid excuses.  We seemingly are stuck in “The Land of Unresolved Issues”!  Frustrating at best!  Can’t we simply find some resolutions that are workable?  Can’t we finalize something?  Right now we all seem forced to feel like those hanging chads in Florida during the 2000 Presidential  election.   Were they are weren’t they?  Someone has to make some decisions here folks!

Time to get on with things and decisions and quit dealing with the old and tired lies and misrepresentations that have been following us like the plague – in all our wisdom right here in “The Land of Unresolved Issues!”

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