Resolution text for RDAs to comply with the new CA laws

RDA Future is unknown

While I shall continue to lobby until every redevelopment agency in CA, that engages in “private to private” takings is abolished, the least I can do is try to save CA taxpayer some of their funds by plagiarizing the attached city of Fremont Ordinance boilerplate.

There is no need for those agencies planning to comply with ABx1 26 and ABx1 27 to retain the services of RDA attorneys to reinvent the wheel. That said neither the Orange Juice blog nor myself assume any responsibility as to the legality and validity of the text contained in the draft Fremont Ordinance.

This Draft Ordinance addresses the “alternative voluntary redevelopment program pursuant to part 1.9 of the California Redevelopment Law.” This Ordinance text “exempts the Agency from the provisions of the Dissolution Act, and enabling the agency to continue to exist and function under the Redevelopment Law.”

One would expect that the CA League of Cities, of which all or most of our cities are dues paying members, would create and provide this type of legal boilerplate to each of its members “free of charge.”

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