What Part of PUBLIC Don’t They Understand? Dana Strand Beach is OURS.




(Reprinted with permission in its entirety from Eddie’s Corner, the weblog of Eddie Rose, at www.eddierose.org)

In a great victory for the people of California, a San Diego Superior Court has struck down a Dana Point city ordinance which illegally attempted to restrict access hours to Dana Strand Beach.

Duh!  What part of PUBLIC beach don’t these city fathers (and mothers) understand?  PUBLIC beaches are just that.  They belong to all of us—not just the elite homeowners who happen to live next to the beach.

The City of Dana Point, under the guise of “nuisance abatement”, enacted its ordinance in an attempt to circumvent the Coastal Act, which was approved by California voters nearly 40 years ago.  Cities are not above the law.  As the Court correctly ruled, if a city wants an exemption (from the Coastal Act), it must first obtain a coastal permit just like everyone else.

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