Thank you Gov Brown & GOP. OC sales tax declines 11.5% July 1st

Yes, the one percent temporary tax has ended. So for those shopping in Orange County, who were paying 8.75%, we will see that rate drop a full percentage point to 7.75%.

July 1st sales tax cuts

If my calendar is accurate, and there are only 30 days in June, we in OC will all enjoy a 14 percent cut in our sales tax effective tomorrow July 1st.

This sales tax rollback will be a test to see if this change will encourage those with jobs to open their wallets to stimulate the local economy.

Yes, for the first time that I can recall a “temporary tax” is actually coming to end of life.

For those living in LA or other counties, making purchases after midnight tonight, be sure to remind merchants of this change, especially when purchasing high ticket items such as new vehicles or furniture.

Thanks to every conservative elected official serving in our state Legislature for holding your ground so that your constituents can all benefit from your making sure that the temporary tax, that we have been paying, ends on schedule.

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