We Rate the Presidents – by Eddie Rose




(Reprinted with permission in its entirety from Eddie’s Corner, the blog of Eddie Rose at www.eddierose.org

The Stupidest—It’s a landslide for GEORGE “Dubya” BUSH!  He couldn’t even find the bathroom in the White House without a GPS.  Come to think of it, he probably doesn’t even know how to spell GPS!

The Most Productive—RONALD REAGAN.  Put an end to the Cold War.  Stopped Communism from taking root in Nicaragua.

The Biggest Bigot—JIMMY CARTER.  Vile anti-Semite.  Also hates blacks.

The Slickest—BILL “Slick Willie” CLINTON.  The Tiger Woods of the White House (and we’re not talking about his golf game).

The Most Honorable—TEDDY ROOSEVELT.  A Republican who fought corporate greed and  protected the environment.  WOW!!

The Biggest Crook—Tioe between Republican RICHARD “Tricky Dick” NIXON and Democrat LYNDON JOHNSON.  Proof that corruption knows no political boundaries.

The Most Honest—ABRAHAM LINCOLN—No need to elaborate on this.

The Most Evil—FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT.  Did nothing to prevent Pearl Harbor.  In fact, he wanted it to happen.

The Best—GEORGE WASHINGTON.  He’d be turning over in his grave if he knew who some of his successors would be.

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