Stories needed for an upcoming investigative article

Dear Juice readers, commentators, contributors and assorted hanger ons:

I am currently working with someone on a series of investigative articles that focuses on 12 step groups (i.e. Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous), law enforcement using AA and other 12 step groups as their dumping ground for dangerous felons and predators and recent allegations of sexual assault and rape towards women and minor children by 12 step members that law enforcement and the 12 step organizations  seem to be ignoring.


If you know anyone in the Orange County area that has been a victim of sexual assault/rape by a member of a 12 step group (or what is known as “13th Stepping” in 12 step group slang) and wants to share their story,  please have them contact Monica R. (massiveattack) at or email her at

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