Rally Saturday in Laguna to Stop “Deadly Cuts in Seniors’ Day-Services, In-Home Supportive and other Services.”





The “Grim Reaper,” a traditional personification of death;
and State Senator Mimi Walters.
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UPDATE:  Looks like OJ Editor Vern Nelson (me) will be playing piano / leading songs at this thing! I hope that is a reason for more of you to come, not for you to eschew it.



Here’s an Orange-Juice-approved rally/protest for you-all this Saturday, in Laguna Hills, outside Mimi Walters’ office!  I’ll let my friend Jonathan Adler explain it to you.


Here’s Jonathan………..

You are invited to a:

Rally to Stop Deadly Cuts in Seniors’ Day-Services, In-Home Supportive and other Services

Help Co-create, Co-coordinate, Invite friends, Just Join, or Help get Your Club or Group to Co-sponsor
Informational Picketing, ‘Street Theatre’
(Play-acting, props Appearing in person, for sure:
“The Grim Reaper.” Also, a “Die-In”)

– News Conference at the Rally –

When?  Saturday, May 28, 11 am –’til we get tired.

Where?  El Toro Rd. north sidewalk, east of Valencia, near Laguna Hills City Hall (across from BJ’s Restaurant, near state Sen. Mimi Walters’ local office)

WHAT: Informational-picketing/“street-theatre”/rally-demonstration, against radical cuts in vital services for seniors – like In-Home Supportive and Adult Day Health Services, medical transport, MediCal, etc. – that’ll literally shut some programs, force aged, ill, poor and/or disabled folks into nursing homes or hospitals, at far
higher cost (even near-term), and will surely cost some lives.

WHY: Drastic cuts bridged half of Calif.’s $26 billion budget gap. But a No vote by all GOP legislators killed a June ballot initiative to let voters decide to cover the rest by extending temporary taxes. That leaves only ‘Plan B,’ an “all-cuts” budget – still more slashing. Vital safety net services next to be guillotined include those programs above that let seniors age gracefully at home.

One way to protest such cuts – to get media coverage, publicize the cuts’ impact, help shift public opinion, and, thus, maybe soften our local (GOP) legislators’ opposition to more revenues – is this event that we’ll lead in coordinating.

Contact: If you can help in any way above – co-create the info-picket-sign text (we’ll print the signs) or “street theatre” or its props; or get a club or group to publicize the rally and join as a co-sponsor; or help coordinate some other volunteers – please tell us now: Contact: Jonathan Adler, 949-581-2178, LawGuruLaguna@yahoo.com

Check out and sign up for this event on Facebook!

Presented/sponsored by:
Concerned Citizens of Laguna Woods Village,
American Association of University Women Laguna Hills Branch,
National Council of Jewish Women, Saddleback Section,
Orange County Society for Humanistic Judaism,
League of Women Voters, Laguna Woods Unit,
Progressive Democrats of America, Orange Co. Chapter,
Laguna Woods Democratic Club,
and other groups in Laguna Woods and Orange County.

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