Dominique and Arnold….the new odd couple?



This is the tail of two very powerful people, in a world that is getting smaller and smaller all the time.  Dominique Strauss-Kahn is out on bail….which will be costing someone over $200,000 dollars a month to meet the bail and security requirements of ankle bracelets and high security forces protecting Dom from the international press and assuring that he and his wife get some good NYC Pizza deliveries uninterrupted.  Dom had to resign his position as being in charge of the International Monetary Fund and of course disappointing all the potential hotel housekeeping people out there….just waiting for his limo to show up in the driveway of their posh international hotels.  Dom gets to have his faithful wife stay with him – along with some casual guests visiting from time to time.  In the meantime, the economies of Ireland, Portugal and Greece are scrambling to figure out how to survive in a virtual, house of cards economy.  DSK will not be there to lead, follow or get out of the way.  What may happen to these economies and others in the domino chain will be a major concern and require someone to take over the saving process without dropping the ball along the way.   In the meantime, will the District Attorney in New York truly believe that DSK was simply naked in his shower, waiting for his appointment with a call girl who was dressed up in a hotel housekeeping outfit.  The door bell never rings, the door opens and bingo  – and its Hangover II ,  the movie!  Talk about consensual?

Arnold Schwarzenegger….you remember him?  He has disappeared from sight.  His low profile has become a pseudo search for Hitler’s last secret bunker in Berlin.  No, Arnold is not just a disappointment…..he is fast becoming a trade name for poor family leadership.  “Oh, he pulled an Arnold!”, could be soon replacing: “Oh, he pulled a Tiger!”  Mel Gibson, Charley Sheen, Robert Downey Jr., David Letterman and even Pee Wee Herman are just thrilled that Arnold has picked up the mantle of Star most likely to be laughed quietly and descretly out of the room.  The longer that Arnold remains under the radar hiding out, the worse the damage will become.  The hubris is overwhelming.  Arnold needs to initally apologize to 34 million Californians as a start.  The day that Arnold stepped onto the Political Stage….is the day that his life of privacy ended.  Even Tiger had to grab his jockstrap and step onto the big stage -no matter how ineffectively.

As the details come out on both of these Super Heroes of Slime……first off:  Arnold:  “Close but no Cigar!”  and Dom: “You should have done a quick out rather than going deep!”  Those words of advice will of course fall on deaf ears.  Their actions will not be contrite, honest or with any passion.  They will stand on ceremoniously playing dodge ball and refusing to admit that anything had seriously gone wrong – with anything!

The Pinnacles of Power always manage to survive……..they buy their way out of most of it.  Even Bernie Madoff, Jeff Skillings and others are still making noise, along with of course Michael Milkin and so many other prior scions of society.  Ethics, morals and setting standards for our progeny has been made a giant facade by people that think that being a “good business person” means – not getting caught.  Those folks have always been around us, but in the bad old days……occasionally they would be caught and put away for many years.

Comparing Arnold with Dom might be an unfair assessment.  But in our minds, we don’t know which one is worse!  Let all the victims however be revealed and all the dirty laundry presented in every seedy tabloid on the planet.  “Let the Truth set you free boys!”  To the many innocents and victims affected by these horrendous men of action directly…….let our prayers,  love and best wishes drench you in redemption and a clear future!  It was them, not you that created these deeds!  It is them, not you that will reap the karma and the dispensation of the major recompense that will come.

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