Arnold’s Love Child and Blockbuster Movie Spoofs


Yes, we all know of the news by now of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marital indiscretions leading to a secret love child. The scandal has grown to a level of proportion that the former politician has decided to put his Hollywood comeback on hold. Before Schwarzenegger lays low for awhile before taking to the silver screen once more, why not do as the film industry does all too often with its lack of creativity…shoot remakes of old Arnie classics with the new context in mind?

Here a list compiled to help out the actor in that cause:

*Kindergarten Pop

*Sperminator 2: Judgment Day

*Conan the Marriage Destroyer

*Juggle All the Way

*Impregnator 3: Rise of the Genes

And some movie titles need no toying with whatsoever:

* Junior!

* Twins

* Collateral Damage

* True Lies

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