Larry Gilbert Endorses Frank Ury





After nearly a decade of political fighting, Juice Reporter and respected journalist Larry Gilbert has joined forces with Mission Viejo City Councilman Frank Ury to form “Mission Viejo Citizens for a Better Yesterday.”  “We are going to focus on re-writing Mission Viejo’s history to take out all of the bad stuff,” remarked Gilbert.  “This will be a wonderful collaboration that will really help educate our youth as to what should have happened in Mission Viejo,” commented Ury, clearly happy with the new coalition.

How did these former adversaries become such bosom buddies?  Mr. Gilbert, proud owner of the second largest paper document depository in the world (the Library of Congress has five more index cards than Mr. Gilbert), evidently mixed up two file drawers.  “It’s the craziest thing,” remarked a bemused Gilbert.  “Somehow my “S” drawer and my “U” drawer were reversed and so all of the stuff that I had about Mr. Ury actually applied to Cathy Schlicht and visa versa.  I am incredibly embarassed that I have been backing the wrong horse the entire time.”

The joint work of Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Ury has tentatively been titled “Mission Viejo Through the Rose Tinted Glasses of Revisionism” should be in book stores world wide by the end of the year.  “We think that there is an incredible interest in all things Mission Viejo,” said Gilbert.  “We are having 100,000 copies self published and then hope to sell them through Barnes and Noble.  We think that the market in Portugal alone will be enough to cover the costs of publication.”

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