One more Republican vote needed to shut down Redevelopment Agencies




Gilbert’s personal Agenda. True. I am an elected Board Member of the CAPPPR, California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights. Our president just issued the following press release:

March 2011
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CALL TO ACTION – Just One Vote Needed to Stop Eminent Domain Abuse!

Republicans Defend Funding for Agencies that Abuse Eminent Domain

Democrats in the State Assembly began whacking away at the State’s $26 billion dollar budget deficit last night, but could have cut an additional $1.7 billion in funding for redevelopment agencies had it not been for Republican Legislators in the State Assembly!

Only one Republican voted to abolish redevelopment agencies!  This is no typo!!!

The Party that once roundly criticized redevelopment agencies for exercising their awesome power of eminent domain to forcibly seize homes, small businesses and places of worship from unwilling sellers no longer stands for private property rights – or so it appears after last night’s display!

The Party who once condemns President Obama’s bailout of Wall Street and General Motors as corporate welfare, now supports redevelopment agencies who use taxpayer dollars to subsidize development projects and sports arenas. They did so even though the State Controller just released an audit of redevelopment agencies, exposing excessive abuse and misuse of taxpayer dollars!  What happened to a Party devoted to “good government?”

Given all this, will California Republicans remove the protection of private property rights from their Party platform at this weekend’s Republican Convention?

Republicans will vote on abolishing redevelopment agencies as early as today – and only one more Republican vote in the State Assembly is needed.

So, have your voice heard and call an Assembly Republican today by clicking here. This may be your last chance to restore private property rights in California!

Read article on how GOP Leader defends redevelopment agencies by clicking here.

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