CA Budget comments from Senator Tom Harman




The following commentary is from the March 24th  Harman  Report. Senator Harman represents the 35th District in southern CA.

Budget Update

“To my dismay, there have been no additional actions to solve our state’s multi-billion dollar deficit. Last week numerous spending reductions were passed but the two most controversial elements, the elimination of Redevelopment Agencies and Enterprise Zones, did not gain enough votes in either house and remain unresolved. It also appears that the Governor is unwilling… or unable… to support and engage in any serious discussion on the structural reforms needed to get at the heart of California’s fiscal problems.

The other remaining unresolved issue is the Governor’s proposal to place personal income and sales tax, as well as increases to the vehicle license fee on the ballot so the voters could decide themselves on these “important issues.” I remain firmly opposed to any tax increase and believe, as a matter of principle, that it is better to reduce government spending than to increase taxes.

If voters are to decide on this ‘important issue’, why not allow them to decide on other important reforms that the Governor expressed support for while on the campaign trail, such as a spending cap, pension reform and a host of other issues California desperately needs and the Legislature is unwilling to enact? These are the very issues that Republicans have been advocating for years.”

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