Loretta is willing to “lose her job” in order to “change” Social Security – WTF?




What the hell was Loretta talking about today, wanting to “change” Social Security – how? Bad sign that she was talking positively about the Bowles-Simpson “Catfood Commission” in the same breath. As one TPM commenter remarked, “Why is she auditioning for FOX News on MSNBC?”

It can’t be pointed out too many times in these dark, shock-doctrine, propagandistic days, that Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit;  that is in fine shape until 2040; and all it needs to be solvent for a long time after that is a minor adjustment to the top limit at which people pay into the fund.

With the temporary Republican majority hellbent on shredding our social safety net, the last thing we need is Democrats starting to go off the reservation and echoing their scare stories.   No, we need every Democrat on the same page,  fighting to protect this cornerstone of American society.

Is Loretta serious about wanting to raise the retirement age and/or lower benefits for Social Security recipients who have been paying into the fund their whole lives – which is the Catfood Commission’s prescription? Or is this just a gesture meant to restore a little of the blue to her purported Blue Dogginess? I notice despite all her nods to fiscal discipline she got a perfect 0% from the American Conservative Union in 2009. Maybe this sort of talk will get her score up to 5%.  But Loretta, Larry Gilbert and Geoff Willis couldn’t vote for you if they wanted to, and they wouldn’t if they could.

Listen to the video.  What do you think she meant, change Social Security HOW, and WHY?  I will try to get some answers tomorrow.

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