For Whom the Road Tolls




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Apparently the economy has taken its “toll” (no pun intended) on Orange County’s toll roads.  Many drivers—presumably excluding those who drive their Lexus’ or BMW’s to their overpaid jobs—have stopped using the toll roads in lieu of their (already paid for) freeways.

Little wonder!  The toll toads are one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on gullible taxpayers.  Webster’s Dictionary defines “toll” as the cost in loss or suffering at which something is achieved”.  What Orange County has lost as a result of its toll roads is precious open space and environmental quality,  What has been achieved is more money in the pockets of greedy developers and more perks and freebees for unscrupulous and inept local elected officials.

As a graduate student in systems engineering nearly 40 years ago, I recognized the need for and urged the development of rapid mass transit in suburban Southern California, much like what has been put in place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Jose, and San Diego.   But oddly enough—or perhaps not so surprising after all, when one considers the utter incompetence of Orange County’s elected “leaders”—all Orange County has to offer as an alternative is a system of unwanted and unneeded “toll” roads,

The Toll Road Agency (TCA), which promotes and administers the toll roads in Orange County is, not surprisingly, headed by many of theses same elected “leaders”.  When and if Orange County elects some competent individuals to its City Councils and Board of Supervisors, then and only then will it solve its traffic congestion nightmare.

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