City of Mission Viejo sponsored telephone survey

1. How long have you lived in Mission Viejo?
2. How would you rate the “quality of life?”  I was given four choices. Excellent, good fair or very poor.
Note: He was unable to define what he meant by “quality of life”
3. If the city government could make one change what would you suggest?
4.City services? Are you very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, etc.
5. The city has 52 parks. Should our focus be on parks, street maintenance, or slope maintenance, paraphrased? I told him with all the money we claim to have in the bank I would expect they should all be maintained. He wanted me to pick only one and I passed.This is part of our infrastructure.
6. As to the appearance of older areas should the city provide funding for landscape at these older centers?
7. Are you familiar with the following community events and have you attended any in the past two years?
a. Walk Against Drugs?
b. Readers festival? Did you hear about this event before the survey?
c. July 4th street fair?
d. Have you attended any summer concerts in the past two years? Have you heard of these events?
e. Pacific Symphony?
f. Bunny Days?
g. Arts La Vita (Fun With Chalk which is the real and original name of this event)?
h. Relay  for Life?
i. Holiday tree lighting?
8. What suggestions would you have for Special Events? I told him not to waste over $300,000 for a float in the Tournaments of Roses Parade.
9. Have you had contact with city staff in the past 12 months? Obviously T & R calling me was random.
10. Is staff professional? Four optional answers.
11. Is staff helpful? Same choices.
12. Is staff courteous? Ditto.
13. Is staff knowledgeable? Ditto.
14. Are you satisfied with communications?
15. What information source do I use on Mission Viejo news and programs?
16. Have you visited the city web site in the past year?
17. How would you rate the ease of use of the MV website?
18. Do you have cable TV?
19. Do you watch channel 30?
20 What do you think of the content? I told him to stop recycling the same two and three year old programs.
21.We will now ask you to rank from zero to 10 on five program areas:
a. Traffic flow & infrastructure?
b. Preserving beauty, trash removal & recycling?
c. Public safety & emergency preparedness?
d. Economic development?
e. Recreation and cultural events, community building & library services? At this point I said this last group is too broad and should have been individually rated.
22. To  stimulate the local economy should we add signs on the freeway?
23. Should we hire someone for economic development?
24. Should the city be hosting networking events to attract new businesses to MV?
25. missed topic
26. Should we fund and support a Mission Viejo Chamber (of Commerce)?
27. Do you read on-line blogs regarding MV?
28. What blogs?
29. Do you have any children under age 18 living at home?
30. Do you own or rent your home?
At the conclusion of the survey he told me that this survey was on behalf of the city.
PS: Before our Super bowl party I predicted Green Bay would win by a final score of 31-28. If Pittsburgh had not missed their earlier field goal attempt my prediction would have been perfect.
Steeler fans. You don’t win Super Bowls with multiple turnovers.  Sorry for digressing but there is more to life than local politics.
MV survey

MV survey

As we await the kickoff of the Super Bowl we received a call from a young man employed by T & R research in Utah. He asked if I would participate in a phone survey relating to the City of Mission Viejo. As these surveys are conducted prior to elections I was curious to see if this was a push poll. Following are the questions with one caveat. That is to say that I was not handed a page with questions and tried to write them down to the best of my ability. Therefore I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this listing.

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