Tim Whitacre releases his “ALL-IN” Platform for OC GOP.




As Monday’s election for Orange County GOP chair draws close, challenger and former Orange Juice blogger Tim Whitacre has released a, I’ll call it a stirring manifesto.  If I were a Republican stuck between voting for him and Scott Baugh, the choice would be pretty easy, I tell you.  I especially like all the talk about ethics and accountability – something everyone seems to be wanting  in this County, in both parties.  He sure does stick in a lot of his RELIGION, which it’s hard to see how that fits with the overall “ALL IN” idea – is every Republican seriously a Christian? – but I’m sure the boy can’t help it.  As a well-intentioned Democrat, I’d sure like to have a more ETHICAL Republican Party to do business with, but as far as his plan to “retake and hold all offices held by Democrats,” I say “Bring it, punk!”

Tim’s entire platform, which I managed to copy and paste from Marty Wisckol’s PDF (and then had to wrestle with the formatting for an hour) follows after the poll:

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The WHITACRE “ALL IN” Plan for the
Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee

To Reform and Reorganize the way the Party conducts its mandated business
in a manner that motivates all Members to excel in their Elected Positions;
to Re-engage and Reconnect with its Volunteer Clubs and Base;
to Reach out and support & educate Local Elected Republican Officials;
to Retake and hold all elected offices in Orange County currently held by Democrats.


“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice (greed), ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams, Address to the Military, October 11, 1798

“Written and unwritten codes of principles and values that govern decisions and actions…knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do what is right….Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty…The state of being unimpaired; soundness…”

We must begin with ethics and integrity. We can accomplish any worthwhile and honorable task as long as we NEVER compromise our ethics and integrity; first as individuals and then united as a Party. As evidenced by the fervor in which ordinary Republicans and other disenfranchised Americans have been leaving their Parties in disgust and registering ‘Decline to State,’ we only need to look at our failed leadership across the nation to see why. To use an old cliché: “They didn’t abandon the Republican Party; the Republican Party abandoned them!” Our problem isn’t the Democrats; our problem is entrenched leadership that has lost its compass heading and has become tone deaf to The People who they were elected to represent.

Across the nation we have become complacent and have allowed a select few with money to dictate to us the direction the Party will go in under the guise of, “We have to become a bigger tent and the way to do that is to concentrate on the fiscal part of our Party Platform only.” The biggest problem with that failed experiment, my friends, is when we abandon our Social Platform that strengthens individuals and families; we take God completely out of the picture except for “honorary mention” at the beginning of a meeting. I believe it has been proven that when we only elect “fiscally conservative” men and women, we get anything but that and now we are paying the price; it is often hard to tell the difference between an elected Democrat and Republican. However, when we elect men and women committed to the Principles of our Social Platform FIRST, we are truly most effective for individuals and families of all walks of life, and we are blessed with the wisdom and discernment in fiscal matters that helps keep government small and individuals and families strong. I believe we must commit to supporting and electing only ethical Republicans who display a strong sense of integrity in their personal lives and a commitment to our Constitution, our Party Platform and our Bylaws. This will ensure they will govern us the same way.

Locally, as a County Party Central Committee, we have all observed what many perceive to be a lack of ethics and integrity when it comes to adherence to our Bylaws by our current Leadership: We had the unprecedented Carona debacle that utterly decimated us in the eyes of the public (i.e. Carona was assured an endorsement for his monetary contribution months earlier); we had two voter registration scandals resulting in fraud (i.e. against advice, Leadership twice hired the same out-of-state firm for voter registration which falsely registered people as Republicans without their knowledge and consent.); and, we have observed preferential treatment of selected Republican candidates by Leadership while other fine Republicans were cast aside (i.e. most recently the Irvine City Council election this past November).

We have witnessed good Republicans vie against one another in contested races with the Party Membership fractured and divided for failure to use the Paper Ballot in endorsements (this applies even more so to the election of Officers). We have witnessed current Leadership resist the Paper Ballot in order to influence the outcome and bring reprisal on those who didn’t vote accordingly. We have witnessed Republican Clubs and grassroots volunteers repeatedly disrespected and ignored – except when they are needed for a special project or event. My friends, does this sound like the Party of Lincoln to you?

  • I will ALWAYS adhere to the letter of our Bylaws, never seeking ways around it to advance anyone’s personal agenda at the expense of our Party’s Principles and reputation. The OCGOP will never be “for sale” with me. No man or woman will ever be placed above our Bylaws for any reason. Transparency of actions will be encouraged.
  • I will immediately bring before the Body a Bylaw amendment that codifies the use of the Paper Ballot for election of officers and endorsements. (Members must be free to vote their conscience without fear of intimidation or reprisal. Additionally, instead of a “circular firing squad” pitting friend against friend, a Paper Ballot ensures harmony among the Body after the results of a vote has been conveyed).
  • The Bylaws shall be indexed for ease of reference and use by all Members. Additionally, all Members and their Alternates shall be provided a binder that contains a Member communications roster, our Bylaws, relevant Election Code Sections, and a copy of the Ethics Committee Bylaws. There will be a section for keeping copies of the Minutes from monthly meetings. Members will be required to bring their copy of the Bylaws to all Central Committee meetings since it is our reference guide as to how we are to perform our elected duties.
  • I will propose a Bylaw Amendment that makes it a requirement to have a quorum in order to pass an Amendment to our Bylaws, or pass a Resolution on behalf of the Central Committee.


The Executive Committee serves the Central Committee; NOT the other way around. There will be no more secrecy and heavy-handedness as many of you groan about now. There is a reason our Bylaws require all Assembly Districts to be represented on the Executive Committee: To ensure ALL Members are informed of its activities and actions. Copies of Minutes will be made available to all Members to review on a secure portion of our Party website and only certain, confidential information of a strategic importance will be redacted for personal review.

  • I will ensure Executive Committee meetings will be conducted 2 weeks prior to a Central Committee meeting at the Party Headquarters (or a pre-determined central location). Also, a later start time will allow for greater attendance by Central Committee Members who want to attend and observe or give input. This will give us ample time to prepare for the next meeting as well as address issues raised from the last one. (Currently, the meeting takes place in Mr. Baugh’s office at lunch time on the Friday just prior to the Central Committee meeting. I don’t think this best serves the Body.)
  • I will propose a Bylaw Amendment to the Body for term limits of 3 two-year terms for all Executive Committee positions. This will foster the intent of our Founding Fathers in establishing a Republic: Regular turnover of Officers is good as it will allow for more Members to gain experience in leadership and what it takes to run a County Party. This will only serve to make us stronger and more effective as a local Party as termed-out leaders return to the regular Body for continued service. We will also set an example for Republican candidates of other elected offices to not look upon politics as a career.
  • I will propose a Bylaw Amendment adding a new voting position of Volunteer Coordinator to the Executive Committee. The role of this person would be the direct liaison between the Republican Clubs, the volunteer base and the Executive Committee. Giving all of our volunteers a voice at leadership meetings is crucial for us to be able to adapt to the specific concerns of the 9 Assembly Districts in the County. We will be able to allocate funds and resources in a more resourceful manner making our efforts more successful.
  • I will propose a Bylaw Amendment that requires all elected Officers to file an internal Form 700 (Financial Disclosure Statement) that reveals and discloses to the Members any potential conflicts of interest that may compromise the integrity of the Party. We must be diligent (ALL IN) in protecting the good name of our Local Party. We must trust but verify our Officers are always placing the Party’s best interest ahead of their own.


Our current Chairman has taken it upon himself to be the primary fundraiser for the Party. While from time to time he has been effective at this, it is a constant struggle to make ends meet. “Fundraiser” is not a codified role of the Chairman per our Bylaws and is not the most efficient way to raise funds to support the monthly expenses and goals of the Party.

  • I will establish a Ways and Means Committee that will consist of at least one Member from each Assembly Caucus as well as capable and willing Republican volunteers who possess the ability to raise funds for worthwhile projects and causes and/or find venues and resources to support special events and meetings required to support the volunteer base and their community efforts. This Committee will meet monthly and report to the full Body at each Central Committee meeting. Additionally, I will actively engage all professional fundraisers in the area and encourage them to (There is a leadership axiom that applies here: “If you want to be successful in business, find people who are better than you and hire them for specific tasks so you can concentrate on what you do best.”)
  • I will establish a PayPal type mechanism on our website as another method of convenience to those who desire to help underwrite our renewed and rejuvenated efforts to restore our Party’s Principles and return it to majority status in voter registration in Orange County.
  • At the February 2011 Central Committee meeting, we will go into Executive session and have a Budget 101 class. Together (ALL IN) we will discuss what we – as a Body – want to accomplish as a County Party; determine and estimate what that will cost us; come up with a budget approved by the majority; then all Members will know what the fundraising goals are and all Members will be expected to help us reach that goal – TOGETHER.


Participatory Governance (ALL IN) will be the Order of the Day with me as your Chairman.

  • I will establish the Caucus Chairman/Whip position for each Assembly Caucus. One Member will be elected from within each caucus to serve in this capacity. This person will be responsible for coordinating a monthly meeting with their caucus to discuss relevant issues within their Assembly District cities and give a monthly report to the Central Committee. This person will also ensure each Member has an Alternate and Youth Associates appointed and will make sure the AD has a fully-seated Caucus at each Central Committee meeting.
  • Each month a different Assembly Caucus will be responsible to support the Central Committee meeting. Its Members, Alternates and Youth Associates will serve as greeters, give the invocation, lead in the Pledge of Allegiance and help with other items as necessary.
  • Every Member will be required to serve on at least one sub-committee to help the Party accomplish its goals.
  • The first assignment I will give my fellow Members is to identify all City Council and School Board positions within the cities in their AD that don’t have conservative Republicans in them so that together we can begin to design a strategy to take those positions back in 2012. We are about to engage like never before (ALL IN).
  • As previously mentioned, I want to establish a two-tier website where we have a secure login for Central Committee Members. Within that domain, all Members will be able to see Executive Committee minutes, review our finances and expense reports, use a communications roster, etc. We will place more relevant data and information on the first tier for the general public to review about us. This will help make all Members more effective in their elected duties as we move the Party forward together.


  • I will establish a Local Elected Officials committee as a standing committee. This committee will be charged with supporting Elected Republicans by providing ongoing, relevant training in matters of public interest, including campaigning, finance, election law, etc. (ALL IN). It will also provide a clearing house where Elected Officials can share concerns or ask for specific help on a matter and receive prompt, appropriate guidance and support.
  • I will advocate to make the Bylaws Committee a standing committee.
  • The Youth Associates Committee will become even vibrant and involved with Central Committee planning and events. I will propose a Bylaw Amendment that increases the number of Youth Associates a Member may appoint to 4 with only one being required to come from the Member’s Assembly District. We must unfold and help shape our future leaders. If we don’t mentor them; someone else will.
  • I will allow for a Member to only Chair one committee (as opposed to the current practice of multiple Chairmanships for a single Member). We have plenty of capable men and women within our ranks. There is no reason not to delegate authority to more Members. Objectivity must apply here.


I believe the strength of our Party and its ability to accomplish its mission in Orange County is completely dependent upon a highly motivated, well-equipped, well-respected Volunteer Base. We must encourage greater involvement with these groups. We must maintain strong partnerships with them. We must ensure we never lose sight of their significance and importance (ALL IN).

  • As your Chairman I will pledge to maintain close and ongoing relationships with these groups, encouraging involvement and participation in Central Committee matters.
  • I will ensure every Volunteer of the Month is recognized equally by all local Republican Elected Officials at monthly Central Committee meetings.
  • As previously mentioned, I will advocate for the new Executive Committee position of Volunteer Coordinator.

I will direct this new person to help our Republican Clubs flourish in their respective communities as well as to indentify individual members from these Clubs who can help the Party grow.

Friends, if you take nothing else away from my proposed “ALL IN” Plan for our County Party, I want you to understand this: We are an Elected Body of 54 with an Ex-Officio contingent of 19. That’s 73 able-bodied, intelligent, men and women who were elected to represent over 699,000 registered Republicans in Orange County. Additionally, we are tasked to reach out to the remaining 1.6 million voters (almost 400,000 of which are now Declined-to State), and encourage them to consider our Platform; explain why it’s best for them; and invite them to join us as a means to a better life for them and their families.

This is an impossible task for only a portion of us to undertake and be successful at! We must do better than we have done and we must be ALL IN if we are to make great gains. If you’re satisfied with just having an elected title and you only come to Central Committee meetings to listen to Leadership tell you what they’re doing, then you probably don’t want to vote for me to be your Chairman for the next term.

However, if you want to roll up your sleeves; be a part of participatory governance and have your voice heard and your ideas considered and implemented, then you want to vote for me to be your Chairman for the next term.

“For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure.” – Proverbs 11:14

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” – Proverbs 15:22

I bring you a Servant’s heart and a Patriot’s courage and I want to unleash the overwhelming talent we collectively possess in an organized, effective manner on the streets of Orange County.
Respectfully submitted,
Tim Whitacre

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