Who is Boss Tweed in the OC?




For those that have been watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO…the prevailing wisdom might be as former Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neill once stated: “All poltics is local!”

The truth and realities of local government sometimes are as someone has stated: “Like watching sausage making in progress!”.  For those who wish to become informed about how government works…..one might not go far beyond the study of New York politics from the late 1700’s to the middle of the 18th Century.  Boss Tweed….Tammany Hall…are as familiar issues to American History as is the Revolution for Independence from England.  Boss Tweed created the Ward and Boss System of government.  People got their government jobs if they were loyal.  People benefitted from Government money when they were willing to “kick-back”” to the purveyors of the Ward and Boss System. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tammany_Hall

As we look at Orange County politics, we can see a variety of local City governments and a variety of vain and self-aggrandizing egos…usually quite out of control.  Finding the roads to graft and corruption seemingly remains occluded from our view.  Each out before the public agent of some special interest group….rides the high road to special parties, special privilege and at times, almost a contrite reason to feel bad enough – to get caught…by doing something wrong enough, that it cannot be denied.   Those folks in the City of Bell  just lost contact with reality enough…to create their own separate consciousness and demise.  It was much like they were talking to a Psychiatrist or Priest about being hooked on Child Molestation, Porn or Prostitution….while at the same time – those they were speaking to were doing the very same thing!

There is little doubt that politics is a dirty business.  It starts with not so dedicated bureaucrats…hedging their bets by taking a few pay-offs for various contracts and special assessments.  It quickly can ramp up from “wine in the teaspoon” events, to demanding openly that “right of privilege and payments  be made”  before any future conversation might be provided any issue.  Do all our bureaucrats and electeds have “dirty laundry” in their closets?  The chances sadly are much greater for the affirmative than the negative…in most cases.  Sometimes, we are shocked by some….who can actually do the right thing and not let their egos drag their rumps on the political carpet or on the furniture.  Or worse yet, exceed their intelligence!  When this happens….it is a joyful, caring and loving experience for the people.

The study of Boss Tweed and finding a deep understanding of the Ward and Boss System should be something that every Sophomore in High School knows in the tinyest of detail.  Understanding “Special Interest Groups”, “Immmigrant Populations” and “Local Monied Interests” are part and parcel of American Politics, the American Dream and the discovery of creating your own sense of Fairness and Logical Change in the society.

There is little doubt that the voices on the OC Blog of both Art Pedroza and Sean Mill…..will be missed greatly.  Hopefully, both of our collegues will find it in their hearts to keep providing the visual understandings from their perspective points of view.  Many times we have both agreed and argued points with both….but their voices are very necessary ingredients to a world, country, county and local governments – that need to be held to a higher standard.  Some say, a fresh pair of eyes can sometimes bring a brighter future for all.

For those who will not bother to study the Ward and Boss System of the infamous Boss Tweed….we hope you will be at least willing to watch the Boardwalk Empire on HBO.  If you think that politics is just a dirty business and that you can do nothing to change it….we prey that you will re-consider and look clearly at evidence which has existed for many, many years!

We leave you with the words of the “Mad Reader” 1958.  What did Boss Tweed say: “There is only one power on earth great enough to stop Captain Marvel – Captain Marvel!”  Or was that the words of “Superduperman”?

Boss Tweed ……we salute you!  But, who is Boss Tweed in the OC again?

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