Ping Pong Gate Strikes Mission Viejo





After a beautiful but tiring hike I sat atop Yosemite Falls enjoying the panaromic view around me.  Yosemite Falls are spectacular, plummeting more that 2,400 feet from top to bottom.  The natural beauty was interrupted only by a single sign “Warning, falling or diving from these falls could cause serious injury or death.”  Really??  Who would have thought that falling down eight football fields could cause injury?  It is moments like this that I am embarassed to be a lawyer.  You just know that the sign had to be posted because some yokel drank a six pack, fell from the cliff and then sued claiming that no one had warned him that he might be hurt if he fell.  Again, really??

Mission Viejo has its latest competitor for the Darwin award as this story has been broken by the Mission Viejo Dispatch:

Ping Pong is Big Time Politics In Mission Viejo

“Two ping-pong players at the Murray Community Center have filed medical claims totalling $58,000 for injuries in two separate incidents.

Del Weisz filed a $36,000 medical claim against the City for a concussion and subdural hematoma suffered while he was playing table tennis at the Center. He described the incident as follows: 

I was playing regularly-scheduled table tennis with a group of players at 2 tables provided by the Community Center in the Hibiscus room. I moved to the right to hit a ball, tripped and fell, and hit my head full force on the side of the pool table also in the room.”

So Mr. Weisz evidently feels that if you won’t spring for your own ping pong table, and you take the game WAY too seriously, the City should pay when you make a fool of yourself?  Interesting.

Of course in generally idyllic Mission Viejo this laughable incident has unbelievably created political attacks on the newly elected Mission Viejo City Council.  Mission Viejo Dispatch Editor Brad Morton posted the following:

“[Editor’s Note: The City will spend $4 million to give the Marguerite tennis club players more room; and maybe another million bucks to give dogs more room. Forget the injuries – how long can the Council majority endure the embarrassment of not having the most expensive and prestigious ping-pong facility in California?]”

So, on the one hand Mr. Weisz sues the City claiming that they have not provided adequate ping pong facilities (I am really trying to keep a straight face as I write this), and on the other, a small group of out of power local activists that just complain about everything (I have labeled them the “naysayers”) are worried that the City will spend too much on ping pong. 

I guess I should be happy to live in a City where the biggest issue of the day is the amount of room needed for public ping pong.

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