Liberal OC blogger gets booted for lampooning their lawsuit against us.




Young Steve Perez, a Liberal OC contributor until last night, can sure be an irritating guy, but his latest move is a gutsy one – he’s just been booted off that blog for using his space there to ridicule their lawsuit against us.  (In retrospect, it seems like he’s been trying to get thrown off that blog for a while.)

No biggie.  Steve already has his own blog, the Political Dish ( where you can read the offending story.  Let’s give him a little traffic now;  I’ll just give you a little teaser and then please click to read the rest.  You may titter, you may chortle, and toward the end you may even smirk and snort with disdain at the tomfoolery of Dan, Chris, and the gang over at That Bluish Blog…

A “Foolish” Lawsuit in Review

A decent amount of time has passed to where I now can comfortably poke fun at the lawsuit pitting (mostly) Dan Chmielewski via against Art Pedroza and what was formally his I think it’d be fair to say that every stage of this lawsuit has astonished the political community. From its beginnings to its somewhat pitifully sad end.

Now, there’s more people involved in this than you may know about… some named in the lawsuit, and others not named. Let me just say, since I think it’s important to note this…that Art Pedroza has made many, many enemies. His enemies list crosses party lines, the thing is one of the most bipartisan efforts in the county. And Art’s enemies circled around the man like swarm of angry insects. I would’ve said that they circled around him like sharks… but come on, we’re talking mostly about ineffectual liberals here.

When I attended Drinking Liberally on a regular basis, the conversation would always turn to Art, and I’d either physically move to engage differant people in conversation, or, in my exasperation tell those engaging in this obsession to “stop talking about Art Pedroza! Who cares?!?”. It was like watching groups of children from the same neighborhood plot against each other.

Read the rest here…

(It’s true, that last bit in that excerpt above;  I met two people in recent months who are friendly with Dan and Chris, and they both said that for months they’d talk nonstop about nothing but Art Pedroza, this blog, and their suit against us, and that they would beg them to stop it, and try anything to change the subject.  I began to have the realization – their lawsuit was hurting THEM – spiritually and mentally – more than it was hurting US.

Best of luck to Steve and his new blog!

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