Julian Assange = The New Guy?

{Dat foo loogs lig DJ Qualls from “The New Guy” maing!}

The ‘Hero Worship’ frenzy over Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is crystallizing in many ways including becoming the top vote getter in “Time’s 2010 Person of the Year” poll. ( The Editors have the ultimate pick in this charade of illusory participation) Who doesn’t appreciate the information dispersed by the website? If we’ve taken in all the commotion of the past couple of days, the answer is obvious: credit card companies, paypal, amazon, and politicians who liken the work of Assange to that of a “terrorist.”

The message is essential, but is the messenger beyond taking a step back and taking a second look? One person who isn’t in the top 5 votes for Time’s “Person of the Year” is Private Bradley Manning — the guy who actually risked everything and made Wikileaks famous by providing damning information on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It seems like only the city of Berkeley hasn’t forgotten the man whose actions more closely parallel the former ‘most dangerous man in America’ Daniel Ellsberg than Assange’s. The city council is expected to vote on Tuesday on a resolution declaring its support for Manning. Fox Nation has the news headlined as “Berkeley Gives America the Middle Finger!” (Everyone together now — America….Fuck Yeah!)

In the world of writing, one person stepping back from Assange-mania is investigative reporter Greg Palast. The fedora wearing industry onto himself has called readers back to Manning’s misery writing, “NO ONE gives a fruit fly’s rectum about this heroic man now rotting in Obama’s prison cell, facing a 52-year sentence. That includes Mr. Assange, who did nothing to protect Bradley and doing nothing now.” Sometimes when egos clash like rams butting heads, a little truth seeps out every now and then.

And last but certainly not least, there are the four sexual assault charges levied against Assange by two different women. It’s been astonishing to see how quickly those are swept under the rug of consideration. Sure, the timing seems all too convenient and yes General Motors did once send a woman to seduce consumer advocate Ralph Nader, but dismissing serious charges of sexual assault is all too convenient for far too many as well it seems. It is possible, after all, for Assange to release information that throws governments into frenzied states and be a rapist.

And then there was a “Raw Story” that alleged one of the two women was CIA connected. I read it and I shouldn’t know that woman’s name nor see a published photo of her regardless. If it is true, there is, please remember, another woman! What’s the theory for her? One of the charges, remember, is the creepy act of having sex with one woman without a condom while she was asleep (read: rape)

Assange will have his day in court. I won’t jump on his hype wagon if his name is cleared, just I didn’t beforehand. Wikileaks is important – it is the message. Assange is the messenger and if he is guilty of sexual assault and rape, fuck him. All I know is that Private Manning, the leaker of information, is in custody and reportedly despondent. His psychological suffering and his facing down of what amounts to a virtual life sentence calls out for our solidarity. But we are forgetting him in the rising cult of Julian Assange.

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