Was it a missile or a jet contrail?

Everyone is talking about the mysterious missile that a CBS news helicopter captured on video on Nov. 8, off the coast of Southern California, however an expert has posted pictures of similar “missiles” that are in fact jet contrails, at this link.

Regarding the video above, the expert said that “You can see after about 0:50 it’s out of the contrail-persisting region of air, and is just leaving a short contrail. It’s also now out of the sun. It looks exactly like the short contrails of a jet coming towards the camera with perspective foreshortening.”

Check out the pictures below, which he took long before this alleged missile launch.  Yep, they look the same!

Our reader, Stanislav Fiala, has been contending lately that there is some sort of conspiracy to seed the clouds with chemicals that will make our children sterile and unable to reproduce.  This phenomena is called “chemtrails.”  You can read about it by clicking here.  I don’t buy it, but have a look and see for yourself.

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