The Great Banking Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Yes, Basel III is coming folks and that means that certain people…..”Banking types”…..who will then have to actually have a few bucks in the bank to loan money – especially if you are in Europe – that is!

Here in America, we can still lend on the come…as it were!  Our Bankers just can’t say that they have $100 Billion bucks on hand, when they actually have only $20 Billion – just like they used to…..and still be considered very “Conservative Bankers”.  Ben Bernanke and Tim G. still probably want to create another Trillion Fed Bucks inorder  to “Jazz the Economy…a little!”  The North Koreans are of course,  rubbing their hands with glee…..(not the TV show).  They are thinking about all those U.S. Banks that will be divesting that additional borrowed cash into the European Union, Ireland, Portugal and Spanish Bankers, as well as maybe the Eastern Euro Block – which could then find loose Fed Bucks on their way through Burma or Manchuria…and into Kim Jon Ill land.

Face it folks…we do live in a “Global Community”.  Poor President Obama is having one heck of a time convincing folks that he saved some GM jobs by saving GM and Chrysler…when in fact…those jobs are safely on their way to Shanghai!  Our “One World Bankers” have one simple rule:  Direct the money to places where they can get maximum reward…and then get their pals to pile on and join them; as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, it’s Turkey Day here in America.  The very perfect day to pay homage to American Banking!  How many jobs did these Banking folks create for the Obama Administration?  How many jobs were saved?  How much Fed Cash did American Banks offer to Universities to find cures for various illnesses, anti-biotics or for things that can’t be cured?  Oh, that list could just go on and on and on – so we won’t be redundant.  What about Public/Private Partnerships…don’t we understand?

Let us all be thankful…that American Banking folks are doing the best they can to rip off the entire Foreclosure process, Charge Annual fees for all Credit Cards, Not lending much to Small Businesses and making sure that they support “the electeds they want in Congress”.  Be they Republican, Democrat or Tea Party Sympathizers…..those Bankers have laser like reflexes when it comes to the dole and walking around cash.

It going to be a blast to see what the Banking Industry does during the Lame Duck Session of Congress and of course in the year ahead for the new members of Congress – coming in all bright eyed and bushytailed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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