The China Syndrome…Part II

This story is not about the 1979 film with Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas about a meltdown at a California Nuclear Power Plant.

No, this is about the World Economic Meltdown of 2011 created by the great and greedy bankers of the world!  To be brief, it all started because Bill Clinton caved to world banking in 1998, Ken Lay and others sold the powers that be,  that they could make wealth out of invisible cloth.  If one dollar was great, how about multiplying that number by 300 and calling it something else like – Leveraging, IPO’s, Mergers and Acquistions, Hedge Funds, Derivatives, Credit Default Swaps and about 100 more “inventive instruments of financial mass distraction and destruction”!  It sounded like a pretty good idea at the time, because of the meltdown of the “Asian Tigers”, “Russian False Market Economy and the Mexican Crash”….hey, times were desperate and the likes of Jeff Skillings sounded like the veritable “quick fix” that was required to save Western Democracy!  Logic had nothing to do with it.  It was pure panic in a world of limited resources!  Just expand…how could that hurt?

What should have been said was:  “British Mercantilism” is back in vogue and dumping Glas-Steagal and other protections against avarice and greed  has created 1000’s of new market realities…run by the rich, for the rich and and greedy….while making sure the the world “underclass” lounged in the false hope of never-ending employment, great retirement parachutes and wonderful pension plans that would continue to grow like topsy, with no top in site.  As the rich and greedy prospered, the lowly worker bees that held bureaucratic small time jobs soon were soon opting for the same perks as Firemen and Cops;  3% at 50 Retirements, guaranteed and paid for by the taxpayer…who of course was profiting in magnitude by rising real estate prices and having foreign rich people jump on board the sinking financial ship….that appeared as if it was floating high and dry.  The Electeds gladly went along, afraid of a labor backlash if they failed to deliver!

In the meantime, the Asian Giants of China and India, were slowly biding their time – bringing in manufacturing systematically and geometrically from the British Empire, France, Germany, the United States…as well as stealing  markets from places like Japan, Mexico, the Phillipines, Malaysia and South Korea.  Little things happened along the way, like China taking back the financial capital of Asia – Hong Kong!  In the meantime, China continued to act like the good pal to Ameria by buying all the worthless Treasuries that the U.S. wanted to sell – while stealing every technology that we also gladly handed them.  The dirty secret of course was that the more U.S. Treasuries they bought….the more that China de-valued their own currency.  China looked at the world and simply said:  “Look at all this worthless U.S. Debt we have….how can our currency be worth much?”  In the meantime, China had growth rates in the high double digits!

U.S. Companies like Boeing, Ford and GE were the quick ones to move their manufacturing facilities to China and India.  Because of course, that is where they think the “new Market for their products” will be in future.  The “Build it and they will come!” philsophy was and is fully “de rigueur”. Remember General Motors, the company the U.S. Treasury bailed out of Bankruptcy to save thousands of U.S. jobs.  Well, they are now being bought out by the Chinese Government entities that own everything in China.  The GM Manufacturing Facilities are now headed to the Far East!  The jobs they were supposed to protect and grow – will now be provided to Chinese workers!  Not such a nice “Double Dealing” move by those again who will only profit from the top.

The Government of China is now on the cusp of taking over the world economy.  The America we knew….is now considered both a “Toothless Tiger” as well as a “Paper Tiger”.  China has our debt and that means that unless we print another $10 Trillion dollars in phony Fed money….we owe a huge chunk of cash that we have no current available chance of repaying.    The new China Syndrome places us now on the verge of a great Western Global Financial Meltdown.  Without buyers from around the world buying our Commercial and Residential Real Estate….we are like a wife with four kids and without any visable means of support.

Forget how it happened, who got paid off or what Rules and Regulations were thrown away in the process…in order to make it a reality.  After the election, there is now a stampede to make some pretty stupid moves “to make the appearance” that our reponsive government is actually doing something.  For once – America  doesn’t have to think about 50 years from now.  For once we need to think in terms of five and ten years!   How to create, grow and make new jobs for folks.  Republicans and Democrats are all on the same page – sadly!  The present Lame Duck Congress is more than dangerous!  What happens now could be catastrophic!

We don’t need to wait 10 more years to collect Social Security.  We don’t need Toll Lanes on our Freeways.  We don’t need more Red Light Cameras.  We don’t need to soak the poor with a terrible VAT or equivalent.  We don’t need to take away all the reasonable “IRS write-offs” in the Tax Code.  We do not need a Single Payer Healthcare Plan.  We do not need a Flat Tax!  We do not need to allow “EPA Cap and Trade Credits” – that only benefit International Companies and create no new jobs.  We do not need to try and back-fill our economy with huge amounts of Fed cash into small banks, because the Giant World Banking System is hanging on to every one of their bucks…dreadfully afraid of the Great China Panda…waiting around the corner to eat every root or shoot available.

So, where is Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas now that “The China Syndrome” can happen at any moment.  Is anyone out there aware?  Could our Government or any members of our Electeds, maybe the Great Thinkers of the World;  be finally not so so willing to adopt their typical “Quick, Cheap, Greedy or Lazy” responses to our major catastrophies around the Globe?  Afterall, how could they not when they already have theirs?  Or, because of their intrepid concept of “British Mercantilism and Cronyism”- firmly enscounced  to supplant them?

We say to all  those modern day Philip Nolans of the United States…….get on board the Carnival Splendor and leave this “God Fearing” country.  GM is definitely a “Poster Boy” and a disgrace and should not be rewarded for moving one job or any of  their operations to China!\

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