Boehner..don’t cry in your beer!

“A new broom sweeps clean!” they say.  It was interesting to see that here in the Golden State we are still suffering from “Dinosaur Politics”.  It was rather exciting watching the great sweeping motion of the Republican edition of the Raider Wave…take America for Deep Blue… Red and ready!

The look on the faces of the various Political Reporters and Pundits told it all.  Even Mary Matlin looked like she just swallowed a old pickle!  They were all beside themselves.  CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, KABC, CNBC and even FOX NEWS!  When Marco Rubio got up and told the truth….”that this was not an Republican win….but a chance for Republicans to return to their roots of Conservative thinking”….that put the perfect icing on the cake.  “NO MORE RINO’S” says Rubio, the new Senator from Florida!

Then Rand Paul gets up and embarrasses everyone with his threats and ramblings and deftly casts himself – as simply a shadow of his father’s philosphy.  Poor Sharon Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, had to bite the bullet and “take gas” for all the failings of the Tea Party movement.  The standard Republican establishment jokers all were quick to dismiss any independent thought by the Tea Party people elected.  “Oh, we will make a spot for all of those folks!”  “You betcha, Red Ryder!”  Not likely!  They immediately tried to give Sarah Palin all the create for the landslide win….while dismissing the Tea Party as just nodding doggies in the window that would be folding into the mainstream Republican Party.

Then Boehner gets up and goes into his crying jag act.  Poor John Boehner, he was simply born as “a poor black child”, like Steve Martin, in “The Jerk”!  Please Boehner, drop the act and if you had an ounce of  honor, you would anoit someone more worthy as the next Speaker of the House.  There is little doubt that it was time for Nancy Pelosi to hit the skids!  Her best days were behind her.  Her “Hardball Act” and her mouthwash, was just not cutting it – with the American people!

Meanwhile, back here in California, the Green, Green Grass of home was not selling.  Downtown Jerry Brown however made the cut along with Babra our beloved Liberal, Progressive – that actually answers her e-mails as -Senator.  In fact at this writing – it looks like a complete  top down Democratic Sweep for all offices in California.  As pappy said: “You seem to be pushing stuff against the tide!”  Meanwhile, Carly still hasn’t declared that she has conceeded!  What?  Additionally, Steve Cooley could win..maybe!

But what is really totally odd, is that all our Republican Congressmen continue to win and ellude their homebuilt RINO trappings and have survived, maybe because no one seemed to understand how really Liberal and Progressive they have become or have been voting in the last eight years!  Maybe, by 2012 some voters might actually take a serious look at the votes being cast by these people  – rather than just noting lazily –  party affiliation.   In addition seemingly, all those standard Democrat people got re-elected too!  We guess that here in California, in addition to being totally broke – there seems to be in a time-warp, while we are waiting for something important to happen, before making any step forward.  We probably have to make sure that Arnold has done another Movie Hero role – before we can move forward!  And of course, that there is Peace in the Universe!

All in all, lets just hope and prey that John Boehner “is not” the next Speaker of the House of Represenatives.  Poor acting is out Johnny Boy!  We need an Academy Award winning person with a vision for the future that can articulate it without missing his punch line on the teleprompter….and it isn’t any Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin.  We need a fresh young face for the Republican Party….that will not wear us out during the next two years!  Marco Rubio, we salute you!

Darrell Issa, Tom McClintock, John Shadegg, Jeff Flake and others are far more qualified to lead the Republican Party than the likes of  “Crying John Boehner”!  This is not an idle decision.  This is a decision that holds the future of the Republican Party in its hands!  Congratulations to the Tea Party winners, who hopefully will become their own “Tea Party Caucus”!  Do not fold into any RINO World with establishment Republicans that have been lording over the party for the last 10 years!  “RINO’s OUT – TPC IN!” You have created an opportunity to do the right thing.

We will be watching you!

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