Boardwalk Empire…after the election!

For those who do not have HBO…..our suggestion is:  Get it!  Yes, we know that “Inside the NFL” is now on Showtime…..but one of the most important works of art or reason available is on HBO….It is called: ” Boardwalk Empire”! It features the story of how organized crime took over our country after the passage of the Volstead Act – Prohibition in 1919!  Remember the so-called Roaring Twenties?  The WCTU was big (Women’s Christian Temperance Union)…and was the desire for Women’s Suffrage or the right to vote!  The Nineteenth Amendment was passed on August 26, 1920

Needless to say, this incredible series is beyond the pale of “the Sopranos” and we never thought that would happen.  Steve Bescemi is the “Political Boss” (Treasurer) of Atlantic  City, New Jersey – Nucky Thompson. (His brother Eli is the County Sheriff).

Most importantly, B/E explains the inside of corruption, wrong doing and the realities of our political system of Government. Undoubtedly, this series will win every major entertainment award for many years to come  – as well it should!  The cast is amazing, the writing super, historically correct and one of the most compelling and honest programs ever created for television in this country.

Fast forward to the aftermath of the November 2nd election.  Immediately, Ben Bernanke directed the Fed last week to add $600 Billion dollars into the economy, by merely printing cash.  Bernanke mentions in passing that “it is necessary to keep the economy going”.  Ever heard of Artificial Intelligence….how about an Artificial Stimulus Package?

In the meantime, with a current U.S. Debt Ceiling of $14.3 Trilllion dollars and World Financial Institutions facing Basel III (which requires higher capital requirements; up to 100% of what is lending cash, regulations and restrictions on Hedge and Derivative markets)  – people are freaking out!  It is so bad that they are talking about adding Gold as one of the basket of currencies  (which now includes the constantly de-valued Chinese Renmenbi-Yuan)….to stabilize or keep the  World Economy running smoothly (What might that do to inflation locally – or througout the World?). In May of 2011 however, The Congress will once again have to increase the Debt Ceiling of the United States Government to something yet to be decided.  Obviously, the current $600 Billion dollars being pushed into the economy will be added to that number.

To get a grip on how this all pencils out.  Try this one out for size:  The newly elected Republican Controlled Congress are looking to reduce Government Spending by $100 Billion Dollars, when they get there – in January!  The Moderate/Progressive Democrats/Republicans and most Bureaucrats are jumping up and down that the Republicans Tea Party people are worse than the plague!   Real “Cutting to bone” would take more than $3 Trillion dollars in downsizing…..just to start!  What do you think Sarah Palin or John Boehner is going to start with?  Guess, they should be asking around, but even if they did away with Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare…..we wouldn’t even touch of the hemn of the skirt of a balanced budget..much less create jobs or clean up our society! (By the way, did you know that over $4 Trillion Fed Bucks have been stolen from the Social Security Fund – to use on other things?) 

The realities are harsh…yet optimistic.  “How bad will it get?” said Michael Corleone in the Godfather to his dad’s friend Clemensa!  His answer:  “Pretty damn bad, but these things have to happen every 10 years or so – to clean out the bad blood!  We will go to the mattresses and you will leave the country until this all settles down!”

Since, we all have a tough time “just leaving the country” for a few years, the best we can do is struggle to pay our cable bill, so we can see what really happens on – The Boardwalk Empire!

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