Santa Ana Council candidate Nam Pham says his white supporters are opposed to Mexicans

Nam Pham, a longshot candidate for Ward 6 on the Santa Ana City Council, got busted today by the OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano, who found a Pham campaign ad in a Vietnamese newspaper.  Someone translated the ad for Arellano, who reported that Pham claimed in the ad that among his supporters are white voters who are helping him specifically because they don’t want a Mexican to win the seat.

The forum in question was the Com Link forum, which we reported about here at the New Santa Ana blog.  Pham was actually awful at that debate.  The best performer that night was mayoral challenger Charles Hart, although it should be noted that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido answered his questions very candidly and he did so smoothly.

Nam Pham ad courtesy of the OC Weekly

According to Arellano, Pham went on to claim that these mysterious gabachos “guided and helped me a lot, including printing flyers and helping distribute to every home. They often give me encouragement.”

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