Pelosi’s Republican opponent gaining ground with independent and liberal support

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised less money for her own re-election bid, and has less money on hand, than a little-known Republican businessman named John Dennis, who is running a longshot bid against her, according to the National Journal.

Dennis may live in Pacific Heights, but his similarities to fellow posh neighborhood resident Nancy Pelosi end there. The Republican challenger to most-powerful San Franciscan Pelosi supports Proposition 19, wants a repeal of the Defense of Marriage act, and is even OK with gays serving in the military, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Dennis’ website states right on top that he supports ending our wars, while Pelosi of course has continued to support the quagmire in Afghanistan.  He has also ripped her for her votes to sink us into a bigger and bigger budget deficit, as you can see in the humorous video above.

Pelosi is such a disaster that there are now 14 House Democrats who have stated publicly that they will vote to replace her as Speaker after the Nov. 2 election, according to the Daily Caller.

Pelosi has refused to engage Dennis in any debates, which led liberal former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Matt Gonzalez, to endorse Dennis.  Gonzalez also wrote Pelosi a blistering letter in which he stated:

I write you because a large number of your constituents, myself included, are tired of your leadership.  As Speaker of the House, and representative of California’s 8th Congressional District, you have failed to offer a satisfactory explanation for many of the political choices you have made. Even your most ardent supporters are at a loss to defend your escalation of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan after you became Speaker (despite your promises to end the war), and for your support for the Patriot Act, its subsequent reauthorization, and for your support for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, among other things. Equally reprehensible was your vote on March 21, 2003, two days after President Bush authorized the Iraq War invasion, in support of a resolution declaring “unequivocal support and appreciation to the president…for his firm leadership and decisive action.”

Dennis is also endorsed by Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater, Jr.  Click here to see his endorsements.

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