OC residents plan demonstration to oppose Proposition 23

Irvine, CA – “California does not need Texas oil companies coming in and changing our laws,” said Sharon Toji, a local Irvine resident, who works in the local field office at the University Town Center. “This proposition will harm California’s leadership role in clean air and energy, so we want to make sure voters know the facts before they vote on November 2nd.” Sharon will be attending the demonstration against Prop 23 organized by local groups. The demonstration is on Sunday, October 17th, from 1 PM to 5 PM at the Tesoro-owned USA Gas Station at the intersection of Campus Drive and California Drive, adjacent to UC Irvine campus.

“The event will be focused on raising awareness about the problems with Proposition 23. When people learn about it, they realize it is a bad idea for California,” said Nicole Nelson, a Santa Ana resident and Nursing student. If passed, Proposition 23 would repeal Assembly Bill 32, California’s air pollution reduction law, until unemployment drops to 5.5 percent or below for four consecutive quarters. Added Nelson, “[Proposition 23] preys on people’s anxieties about the economy. The truth of the bill is that it sets an unrealistic employment goal and would be a major setback for California’s green jobs and investments in renewable energy.”

Orange County residents hope to make it clear on Sunday who is funding Proposition 23. “Tesoro and Valero have poured millions into campaign spending on the proposition. If you look at who is funding the Proposition, you will see that the benefits will be going to Texas oil companies – not Californians!” said Alex Gorman, a Laguna Hills resident and team leader with Team Courage OC, a local progressive activist group. Gorman continued, “That’s why we’ve decided to stage the demonstration in front of a Tesoro-owned USA gas station. We want to make it clear that Californians control our environmental laws – not big oil companies.”

The event will be a peaceful demonstration. Signs and printed information will be provided for anyone who wants to participate. A reception will be held afterwards at the local field office in University Center. People who are interested in learning more about the event or participating can visit the event page at http://tinyurl.com/Prop23Protest-OC or contact Tiffany Dekle, the event organizer, at tdekle@gmail.com. Dekle says, “This is an organic response from the local community. We encourage people to stand with us and show Big Oil that California’s environment belongs to the people and not Texas oil companies.”

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