KFI’s John and Ken endorse Prop. 19 and two Democrats

KFI’s John and Ken finally published their election picks, which you can read by clicking here.  The good news is that they endorsed Prop. 19 – and I was surprised that their pick for Governor was the Libertarian, Dale Ogden.

They also are supporting Prop. 23 and opposing Prop. 25.

Surprisingly they endorsed Gavin Newsom for Lt. Governor.  I know they hate the tax-raising Republican candidate, Abel Maldonado, but I thought they would go with the Libertarian candidate instead.  They didn’t.

They also endorsed Newsom’s fellow Democrat, Dave Jones, for Insurance Commissioner, over tax-raising Republican Mike Villines.

Locally they have endorsed Van Tran, the corrupt Republican who is challenging Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, who has lost much of her voter base.

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