Is the Orange County Register still a Libertarian newspaper?

I was looking at the O.C. Register’s Election Day resources, in their Opinion Section, and was astounded to discover that they are no longer, apparently, even pretending to be a Libertarian newspaper.

The O.C. Register endorsed Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, and Van Tran.  Those are Republicans and none of them are worth a damn.  There are good independent candidates, including Libertarians, running against Whitman and Fiorina.  Why endorse Republicrats instead?

As for Tran, he is a conniver and an immigrant basher.  There is nothing remotely Libertarian about him.  He never opposed the Bush spending that has blown up our deficit.  He never opposed the Bush wars.  He is a hack.

Perhaps the biggest offense though is the Register’s failure to support Prop. 19.  Are you kidding me?  If ever there was a Libertarian measure, this is it!  How could the Register take a pass on starting to end the drug war?

Why doesn’t the Register just admit they are a Republican newspaper?

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