Former Mission Viejo mayor MacLean thrown under a bus by his friends

Trish. Why have you abandoned me?


Over the past two days I have visited the Mission Viejo City hall to review all of our city council candidate #460 campaign forms. You can discover a great deal about their individual campaigns such as:

who has received donations from special interests, who spent the most money to date, who has the most cash left in the bank, how many slates will they be on, to how many yard signs and banners they have purchased.
There is one caveat before jumping to conclusions at this time.  The election is still four weeks away and we need to monitor future #460 reports to see what additional revenues have been received and spent.

Beyond that some of us monitor Political Action Committees, PAC reports to check out their independent expenditures supporting or opposing Ballot Measures and candidates.

Mission Viejo’s former mayor Lance MacLean was recalled on February 2nd of this year. However, Lance retained a  2010 web site, pulled papers to run again next month, and paid $1,154 for his 200 word candidate statement to appear in our ballots.

A review of his 460 report, covering the period from July through June 30th, confirms that his supporters have quickly forgotten their friend Lance. Lance has not received a single dime from council members Trish Kelley, Frank Ury, Susan Withrow, Sharon Cody or Sherri Butterfield to name but a few. Only activist Helen Workum bothered to sign his nominating papers but has not given him a contribution.

According to his 460 Lance has an outstanding loan payable of $18,050. He has a grand total of $333.34 in the bank. In fact, his only reported expenditure, as of Sept 30, was his candidate statement.

Where are they today?
They are angry. He has messed up their plan to promote a three member slate including the man he appointed to be his representative on the planning commission.
Lance now becomes the spoiler in this race. I hope he takes thousands of votes away from his former PC and replacement, current mayor pro-tem Leckness, to send a message to Frank and Trish.

And to look back at all the flack we took removing Lance from office yet the very same people who hammered us for that activity have quietly thrown him under a school bus. They would parade up to the microphone under public comment and praise Lance. Yes, we do have rear view mirrors in Mission Viejo. They exist on our city archived council meeting tapes to confirm what I am reporting.

While there are those who attack me from losing faith from those I helped get elected be it Trish Kelley or Frank Ury, let’s see their reaction to this post.

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