Common Sense…thanks Tom Paine!

Years ago in high school U.S. History…..we read a variety of writings by our Founding Fathers.  We read the story of Johnny Tremaine…some things by those Adams brothers, “the Committees of Coorespondence”,  Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and of course the words of George Washington.

“Common Sense” by Thomas Paine was accorded some extra credit points, but was not required reading.  At 16 years of age back in the 50’s…heady reading like “Common Sense” was scanned quickly enough to get the major points and then it was back to watching Fess Parker as “Davy Crockett – King of the Wild Frontier”. ” Wild Bill Hickok”, “Palladin” and of course ” Maverick”.  “Time for Beanie” was still interesting secretly as was watching Lloyd Thaxton on “Dance Party”, Wink Martindale at POP and the highlight of them all: “American Bandstand” with the best dancers Bob & Justine and host Dick Clark.

The new “Tea Party” seems to be harking back to the spirit of  Thomas Paine and those halcyon days of truth and simple, not so naive – excellence in politics.  Thomas Paine was late to the party –  of American Independence. But he caught up quickly!  What Paine captured was the essential image of what freedom could represent:

The 58 page pamphlet produced in 1776, after the events of Lexington in April of 1775  tells a story that grasps the very essence of  “the colonies” and their trials and tribulations against a very irate monarch.  Paine had come to America in 1774….but Paine immediately understood what was going on.  “Common Sense” read some 55 years after the first reading is an amazing eye opener.  In an open letter to the Quaker Church, in the Appendix……Paine faces the ultimate conundrum of amazingly mixing religion with politics.

“Common Sense” is just as relevant today as it was in 1776.  Oddly, the same issues are being addressed including – Israel.  Paine was able to somehow capture the entire issue of “Freedom and Independence” and what that might mean – including illegal immigration, race and the impact to our American way of life.  Paine mentions how important the French & Indian War was and how that impacted our drive for Independence from Britain.You can go to and ask for ISBN O-486-28602-4 for a per copy price of $1.50.  It is called a Dover-Thrift- Edition.

This publication should be read by every person over 50 and be required reading for those wanting to vote in this country.  Hey, we still remember “American Bandstand”; Bob & Justine – but as much as they might have affected our lives – Thomas Paine did more!   It will take approximately two hours and 15 minutes to read it thoroughly.  But then that would take a little “Common Sense”!

Teachers should require all their high school seniors to read and be thoroughly tested on this before they graduate.

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