Candidate for Coast Comm. College District’s Board pulls out and endorses Judge Riddle

A stunning development has occurred in the race for the Coast Community College District, as Bob Mosley, one of three candidates in the race, has endorsed one of his opponents, Judge Lynne Riddle .  Here is the note he sent to voters about his support for Riddle:

Dear Voter,

When I decided to run for the Board of Trustees of the Coast Community College District, I felt that I had a tremendous amount to offer. In addition to my management career as a ranking police officer, I spent 16 years working at Golden West College, serving as Academy Director of the Criminal Justice Training Center, with responsibility for 215 faculty, training officers, and staff.

During the last few years, our reform-minded trustees have moved us away from a good-old-boy network that led to pension double-dipping by the trustees and expensive proposals for vanity projects.

One of those good old boys, David Grant, is trying to get on the Board of Trustees so he can turn back the clock.

My name is on the ballot, but there’s a much better candidate, and it’s not me. I’m urging voters to support Judge Lynne Riddle, who has the integrity, experience, and knowledge to continue the reforms, protect taxpayers, and put students first.

Bob Mosley

Mosley is a retired policeman and educator.

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