Alfredo Amezcua caught using different names on a host of driving violations

Picture Courtesy of the Amezcua Facts Blog

Alfredo Amezcua is finally sending out mail this week, but the timing is a bit off given the allegations that have come up regarding his driving violations.

Amezcua’s mailers talk a lot about honesty, integrity and public safety, but the reality is that Amezcua has been caught red-handed lying about his name, presumably in order to avoid damaging his driving record.

The problem for Amezcua is that anyone can peruse the Orange County court criminal records and pull up his multitude of driving violations.  Once you do so, it is easy to spot how he has gone about altering his name, from one case to the next, as has been pointed out in the new Amezcua Facts blog.

Call this what you will, but in the end it is fraud.  That is bad enough but what are we to make of a guy who can’t seem to figure out how to drive without getting moving violations?

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