Who is the middle class?

As Republicans take aim at the November elections, they just can’t stop making sounds like Democrats!  Well, actually they make sounds more like the elitist socialcrats that they are.  These are not the same Reagan Republicans they looked out for the middle class.  These are not the same Republicans that made a “Contract with America”.  No, we don’t know what these people are or why they are doing it.  How did they get to determine what the Middle Class is all about?

The concept of protecting greedy, rich Hedge Fund managers – that are all friends of Paulson, Benanke and Company – may not be what the American people think of as Middle Class.  When a family makes over $250,000 a year…they get a variety of tax write-offs as it is.  You know, the one for that second home on Cape Cod or Palm Springs.  The country Club Memberships to two clubs, the three leased Mercedes and BMW’s.  It’s all OK, we love people with things and money.  They spend alot of money on Dry Cleaning and nights out on the town.  Well, maybe not.  But they do spend cash on sending their kids to colleges and making sure that Uncle Willie gets his Rehab therapy for his alcholism.  Yachts and European vacations?  Who knows?

The rest of us make between $62,000 and $158,000 dollars a year and have to do the same things – just with alot less expendable cash.  Our homes are not generally 10,000 square feet or more and we don’t normally have three SUV’s and a 3/4 Ton RAM Pick-Up….maybe just one or two of those.

Well, President Obama initially wanted to remove all the Bush Tax cuts to make up for the dumb stimulus bill and the TARP bail-out and who knows what more the Federal Government has frittered away on bail-outs of Freddie and Fannie, AIG and a variety of the Auto Industry.  When the President realized that his campaign promise to only punish those making over $250,000 wasn’t quite correct – he altered course.  It was a good move that made sense.  The Republicans sensing that people would actually be grateful to the President for this issue….immediately and steadfastly are stonewalling – vying for an “all or nothing –  Sherman to the sea policy” of burning out “all the tax cuts” – unless they can save those making over $250,000 a year.  Even President Bush has made statements saying that the “middle class tax cuts” should just be that –  not tax cuts for the rich too!

So, as the Republicans “eyeball” a 1994 like takeover of the Senate and the House of Representives this November – they want to be sure that the Democrats get nothing they can tell the voters that they have done that is worth a thing – except Obamacare!  Which may or may not be the ruin of Medicine in the United States.

One thing is for sure – the Republicans are going “All In” for this election in November.  Using, “the Middle Class” as pawns in the game, may not be their best strategy.  Once the President points out that the Republicans are holding the Middle Class of America – already under tremendous financial pressure as hostages in this over the clift political game – could come back to bite them hard.  The truth is:  In this Economic Mess, the Middle Class of America needs those Bush Tax Cuts.  Those that make millions a year, probably don’t – as much!  Senator Mitch McConnel and Minority Leader Boehner…..pick on something else and pass those tax cuts for the Middle Class!

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