OC GOP Exec. Committee endorses only one candidate for the Irvine City Council

Irvine City Council candidate Lynn Schott was denied an endorsement tonight by the OC GOP Exec. Committee

I expected that the Republican Party of Orange County would endorse my friend Jeff Lalloway for the Irvine City Council, and they did so tonight, but their Executive Committee dropped the ball by not endorsing his fellow Republican, Lynn Schott.

According to Allan Bartlett, a former Red County blogger, the no vote that doomed Schott was cast by a guy named Lou Penrose – and get this, Penrose works for Congressman John Campbell.  Bartlett blasted Penrose, Campbell and the OC GOP Exec. Committee tonight on his Facebook page.

Barlett went as far as to say that the OC GOP Executive Committee supports Irvine Councilman Larry Agran.

This isn’t the first time I have heard that assertion.  Irvine Councilman Steven Choi dumped Adam Probolsky from the Irvine Planning Commission after Choi began to suspect that Probolsky was allied with Agran.  Today Probolsky doesn’t even bother to hide his alliance with the Agranistas.  Check out this excerpt from a recent Probolsky column:

November will come down to whether Irvine residents believe the city is on the right track or the headed off in a wrong direction. And while many Irvine residents are facing financial hardship and the city is quickly running out of cash reserves, the ship that is Irvine appears largely to be on course – a course for which Agran can take significant credit.

As for Schott, her campaign issues include:

  • Complete Great Park to Provide Enjoyment for the Community
  • Award Park Contracts through Transparent, Competitive Bidding
  • Maintain Public Safety
  • Rebuild Budget Reserves
  • Promote Business to Classroom Partnerships to Inspire Students and Help Teachers Provide the Best Education
  • Increase Support for Business Attraction and Retention Programs

Those ideas seem reasonable.  I suspect that Penrose and his allies on the OC GOP Exec. Committee had some personal issue with Schott.  Or they might indeed be all in with Agran.

R. Scott Moxley recently wrote about how the Agranistas have blown over two hundred million on the Great Park.  The consultant Agran uses is a Republican.  It is not hard to believe that the OC GOP hacks on the Executive Committee could be bought off.

There are several candidates running for the Irvine City Council this year, including:

Moore may be a Republican.  I am not sure.  I know he leans Libertarian and is very independent.  Farivar is an Agranista that Probolsky has pumped up in his weekly newspaper column.  I don’t know what political parties the rest of these candidates belong to.

There is a Republican running for Mayor of Irvine, against the Democratic incumbent, Sukhee Kang.  That would be Christopher Gonzalez – the only Latino running for for local office in Irvine.

I tried to find out if Gonzalez got his party’s endorsement, but was unable to verify that.  I hope he did.  I spoke to him a few weeks ago. He is a good guy – and he is allied with Lalloway.

As for Schott, her party’s behavior will be a bitter pill, but I am sure she will pick herself up and keep working hard on her campaign.  You can join her Facebook page by clicking here.

If anything this makes the lame OC GOP look even worse than usual…

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