Mexican-bashers John and Ken endorse Van Tran

What a joke, Mexican-bashers John and Ken have endorsed hater Republican Van Tran for the 47th Congressional District.  Here are the gory details:

For Immediate Release
September 10, 2010
Contact: George Andrews – 714-907-3442

Van Tran Endorsed By Tax-Fighting Radio Talk Show Hosts 640AM’s John and Ken.

LOS ANGELES, CA – During a live radio broadcast this week on The John&Ken Show, tax-fighting talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou endorsed Van Tran in his effort to unseat overspending Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

“Van Tran is running against Loretta Sanchez and we wish him well. In fact, he already has our endorsement.” said Ken Chiampou during Tuesday’s five o’clock hour of the radio show.

Known professionally as John and Ken, the talk radio duo hosts a five-hour weekday radio show, the John and Ken Show on KFI AM-640 in Southern California.

“I have great respect for John and Ken and their longstanding commitment to upholding our shared common-sense values of low taxes, being tough on crime and fighting for traffic relief,” said Tran.

In the peak hour of their daily broadcasts, John and Ken draw an estimated audience of one million listeners measured Arbitron Ratings Service and Talkers Magazine. In 2003, Kobylt and Chiampou were instrumental in the recall of California Governor Gray Davis.

The audio of the live, on-the-air endorsement and the humorous portrayal of Loretta Sanchez is available here:

Van Tran For Congress * 3337 S. Bristol #49, Santa Ana, CA. 92704 * 714-907-3442 * *

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