Meg Whitman fired an undocumented housekeeper that worked for her for 9 years

Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for governor who has called for making California employers more accountable for hiring undocumented workers, faced allegations today that she herself had done so for nearly a decade – a charge that her campaign denied as an attack by Democrats playing “the politics of personal destruction,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

LOL!  Meg is done.

The video above is astonishing.  Whitman told her housekeeper, Nicandra Diaz Santillan, who she fired when she found out she was undocumented, that “you don’t know me.”

Neither do any of us Meg!  No one knows what a monster you are, but it is coming out.  First a former Meg employee told the press, a few months ago, about how Meg assaulted her at work.  And now this.

The housekeeper “tearfully alleged that she was fired in June 2009 when she came to Whitman for help in obtaining her green card. Whitman, she said, was planning her run for governor at the time, and fired her longtime employee a few days later.”

Whitman just opened a campaign office in Santa Ana.  Well, folks are going to see this video on Spanish language news today, all day and night long.  The real Meg is now emerging…

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