Libertarian Assembly candidate Debbie Tharp talks about our state’s foundering economy

The legislators in Sacramento appear to have no clue about how to fix our State Budget here in California.  Beyond the budget however, it is apparent that these folks are also wrecking our state economy.  Libertarian Assembly candidate Debbie Tharp has recorded a video to that effect, which you can see atop this post.

Tharp is running against GOP uber-social conservative Don Wagner, over in the 70th Assembly District.  Democrat Melissa Fox is also in that race.

There is a huge debate going on right now between gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown, regarding our state’s economy.  I don’t trust Whitman at all, given her lack of experience and lack of voting over her life.  Brown’s ideas boil down to spending tax money on infrastructure improvements and green energy projects.  No doubt Brown’s proposals would have a short term effect, but there is more that could be done right now.

We need to end the war on drugs.  That disaster is filling our jails so fast that we are spending more on prisons than on higher education.  We can take a step in this direction by voting for Prop. 19 this November, which will legalize and tax cannabis sales, in small amounts, to individuals.

We need to end the death penalty.  We are losing millions every year on death penalty appeals.  When was the last time our state actually executed someone?  Let’s just get rid of it and jail these prisoners for life.

We need to reform Three Strikes.  Only violent felonies should count as strikes.  Again, we have only managed to over-fill our prisons as a result!

We need to put the state prison guards’ union back in their place.  These guys are getting rich at our expense.  That needs to stop.  Politicians from both parties are beholden to this union.  We can stop this as voters by NOT voting for any politician who accepts money from this union.

We need to legalize gambling.  Why let so much money go to Las Vegas?  Not only that, but Nevada has no state income tax and they are always going after our businesses as a result.  No fair!

We need to reform public employee pensions.  Cops and firemen should NOT be able to retire at fifty.  That is ridiculous.  And we should not allow politicians, like SAUSD Trustee Audrey Yamagata-Noji, to make hundreds of thousands per year in retirement at our expense, thanks to pension double-dipping.  Yamagata-Noji will supposedly make as much as $300K per year when she finally retires, in a school district that serves the poorest families in Orange County.

And we need to CUT state taxes, not raise them.  I wish my friends in the Democratic Party would figure this one out.  Endlessly raising taxes is chasing business out of our state.  We need to live within our means and stop running massive state budget deficits.

I have to laugh at the Democrat scheme to tax oil extraction.  What oil?  The oil in the Bakersfield area is high in sulfur and almost gone.  We are not allowed to drill anymore offshore.  So what oil are they talking about taxing?  Very little oil is being extracted in our state, at this point.  We are not going to resolve our state budget issues with gimmicky tax increases!

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