Latino vote festival coming to L.A. on Oct. 10

The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) is hosting a Latino Vote Festival on Oct. 10, from 2 pm to 4 pm, at the Los Angeles State Historic Park (Cornfield).

LA SHIP is on N. Spring St. in Los Angeles, next to the China Town metro station. It is walking distance from Union Station. Parking at Union Station, China Town is available.  The event is cosponsored by California State Parks.

The event is being billed as a “Lunch Truck Throw Down.”  SVREP expects over 25,000 participants.  Apparently there will be loncheras (lunch trucks) there to feed the masses.  There will be Mariachi, Norteña, and other live bands, and a Latino Vote Rally featuring statewide Candidates from both parties, Raffles and other prizes.  For more info call (323) 343-9299.  Click here to download the event flyer.

SVREP’s mission is to empower Latinos and other minorities by increasing their participation in the American democratic process. We do this by strengthening the capacity, experience and skills of Latino leaders, networks, and organizations through programs that consistently train, organize, finance, development, expand and mobilize Latino leaders and voters around an agenda that reflects their values. Thus, SVREP’s motto: “Su Voto Es Su Voz” (Your Vote is Your Voice).

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