Larry Gilbert’s candidate recommendations part 1 of 2

Following are my recommendations for this year’s General Election. 

Statewide office seekers

Governor-Meg Whitman
Senate- Carly Fiorina
Lieutenant Governor- No recommendation
State Treasurer- Mimi Walters
Attorney General- Steve Cooley
Secretary of State-Damon Dunn
State Controller-Tony Strickland
Insurance Commissioner-No recommendation
State Board of Equalization- Michelle Steel

Note: In my haste I included two statewide office seekers whose names  have now been removed.

 Congressional, State Senate and State Assembly Candidates

40th Congressional District-Ed Royce
42nd Congressional District-Gary Miller
44th Congressional District-no recommendation
46th Congressional District- Dana Rohrabacher
47th Congressional District- Van Tran
48th Congressional District- John Campbell
34th State Senate District-Lucille Kring

60th State Assembly District- Curt Hagman
67th State Assembly District-Jim Silva
68th State Assembly District-Allan Mansoor

70th State Assembly District-Don Wagner
71st State Assembly District- Jeff Miller
72nd State Assembly District-Chris Norby

Orange County Offices

OC Treasurer – Tax Collector – Shari Freidenrich

Supervisor 4th District – Shawn Nelson

City Council races

Aliso Viejo City Council-Bill Perkins

Anaheim Mayor – Tom Tait

Buena Park City Council – Baron Night

Costa Mesa City Council – Wendy Leece, Jim Righeimer

Fullerton City Council 2 Year Seat – Bruce Whitaker

Fullerton City Council 4 Year Seat – Gregory Sebourn

Irvine City Council – Jeff Lalloway, Lynn Schott

Laguna Niguel City Council – Linda Lindholm, Robert Ming

Laguna Hills City Council – Melody Carruth, A J  Djowharzadeh

Lake Forest City Council – Scott Voigts

Mission Viejo – Rhonda Reardon, Brian Skalsky

Orange City Council – Fred Whitaker

Rancho Santa Margarita City Council – Steve Baric, Neil Blais and Jesse Petrilla

San Clemente City Council – Joe Anderson and Jim Evert

San Juan Capistrano – Jim Reardon

Yorba Linda – John Anderson and Thomas Lindsey

Santa Ana Unified School  District-Art Pedroza


Education  CUSD (where we reside)

NO on CUSD RECALL on Mike Winsten

NO on CUSD RECALL on Ken Lopez Maddox


Capistrano Unified School District Area 4 – Anna Bryson

Capistrano Unified School District Area 6 – Ellen Addonizio

Capistrano Unified School District Area 7 – Larry Christensen

South Orange County Community College District Area 4 – Nancy Padberg

Santa Margarita Water District,  SMWD. No recommendation


I’ve done my part. Now it’s up to you.

This is your opportunity to take an active role in your government. While several of these races are outside my area, I have followed or personally have met many of those whose names appear above.

When I ran for the Mission Viejo city council in 1994 the absentee voting was only 18 percent with a voter turnout at 70%. In our 2008 election, with a turnout of 78.2%, 48 percent of the votes were cast by absentee ballots. We may surpass a 60% absentee vote in this election.

Part 2 of 2 will address the nine ballot Measures numbers 19 through 27.

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