Are Mission Viejo incumbent supporters starting to panic?

In the world of local politics there will always be those who will beat the drums louder each election cycle, especially when a special interest leader panics about the outcome.

In 1994 when I ran for the Mission Viejo city council, council member Sharon Cody, who was very active in promoting the creation of our Mission Viejo animal shelter before construction of our city library and city hall, spread the word that if elected I would euthanize all the animals in our shelter. One of the early volunteer leaders at the shelter, who received that message from her, eventually shared that successful strategy with me. He still lives in Mission Viejo.

Fast forward to Sept. 13, 2010 where I just received a copy of her latest email blast, courtesy of councilman Frank Ury, containing a similar message to her minions and his email contacts as well.

It was a lie at that time and is surely a lie today. Apparently Sharon Cody has read Saul Alinsky’s dozen “Rules for Radicals.”

Fourteen (and 13) years ago we purchased two pure breed Cavalier King Charles spaniels for thousands of dollars each and have spent more time and money in their vet’s office than check ups for ourselves. In fact Dave Leckness recently visited our neighborhood to look at a street with huge cracks and weeds growing through the cracks. He walked with me, and one of our dogs, to see that neglected street for himself.

To say that I would oppose providing care for animals is an outright lie and a tired old smear tactic by Sharon Cody, the head of DAWG. Simply ask our vet who has virtually provided for their care since their births. Having spent upwards of $10,000, and many hours in his office, and an eye surgeon’s office, clearly confirms the love we have for our dogs, one of which passed away earlier this year after suffering with multiple health issues for several years. We never denied Lord Remingtonn any health care which extended his lifetime. As our vet may have business relationships with the shelter I will refrain from providing his name to this post. I have sent him a copy of the below email so that he knows the kind of person running our local DAWG volunteer group.

Following is the latest hit piece from Sharon Cody. Let me also point out that I do not have any council candidates in my pocket as alleged in her email attack piece. While I do know most of the city council candidates I have not heard any of them express any plans to slash the animal shelter budget.  So once again Sharon
Cody falsely yells fire where there is none.

Ms. Cody. When you attack our love of animals it becomes personal. Hopefully you are not using any city resources or employees to spread your lies.
Sent: 9/13/2010 6:57:20 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: FW: The Animal Lovin Candidate

Please pass on to your lists. Frank

From: Sharon Cody []
Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2010 7:17 AM
To: Bob Cody
Subject: The Animal Lovin Candidate

“Hi guys, I know some of you hate politics but if we don’t get this job done, getting Dave Leckness, Trish Kelley and Rick Sandzimier elected to MV city council, our animals will be in jeopardy of not getting the care they need. The “gilbert gang” has the remaining candidates in their pocket and they are ALL promising to slash the shelter budget. Please help me make sure that all we are doing for our orphaned animals continues.  I give you my word that all of the candidates in this email, will fully support our shelter now and in the future. They are smart reasonable people who love our city and are already doing good things in the city.Sharon”

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