Announcing Orange Juice Fund to Replace Burned Qurans.

The Orange Juice Blog is fiercely opposed to the discrimination against or scapegoating of any minority, be it racial, ethnic, sexual or religious.

The Orange Juice Blog is fiercely protective of this great nation’s Constitutionally enshrined Freedoms of Speech, Religion, and Assembly.

And we are fully aware that the 9/11 attacks were the work of a “handful of extremists,” as unrepresentative of American Muslims as the execrable Terry Jones and Fred Phelps are of American Christianity (or Tim McVeigh and Eric Rudolph.)

It seems that of late, the forces of division who want to keep us fighting each other so we don’t unite for our own interests have shifted their attention from bashing Mexicans and immigrants to picking on Muslims, trying to convince us we’re at war with a religion.

First the phony ginned-up controversy over the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center or Cordoba House, demagogued by Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich until a majority of our citizens felt righteous outrage over a supposed “Mosque on Ground Zero.”  Now the Islamophobia has gotten whipped up to the point where even Republicans are uncomfortable with it, as inbred parody-Christian dirtbags plan solemnly to burn Qurans. (See Sean’s fine post.)

It’s true that, as General Petraeus and others warn, images from this Hootenany of Hate will inflame anti-American sentiment across the globe and likely lead to heightened violence and resentment for years to come – but I don’t think that’s a good reason not to do it. Our sacred right of Free Speech – even that of these unspeakable Floridian pricks – cannot be held hostage by medieval hotheads overseas.

We oppose the burning because it makes us Americans look like flaming retards, and because it hurts the sincere sensibilities of good decent Muslims everywhere, including good American Muslims, including good American Muslims risking life and limb in our military defending our freedoms!

We defend to the death the right of these dirtbags to burn whatever they legally own, and hope they burn off their dicks in the process.  And we propose to counter their free speech of hate with our own free speech of love and tolerance:  For every Quran they burn we will donate the funds to print TWO more Qurans. Really cool looking ones too.  Like the gold one pictured above.

Are you with us?  The Orange Juice Blog has partnered with the local CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and any money you donate to this link will help pay for new Qurans. (One Quran is $45, but you can send less and it will still add up.  Click here.)  At the time of this writing the burnings may not happen now that this fucktard has got all the attention he wanted, but let’s wait and see what happens Saturday, “Patriot Day.”  Some other copycat asshole could do the same thing.  Team Orange Juice, the Tolerance Team, is now prepared!

Salamu alaikum and peace out!

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