3 at 60….what a concept!

The pension abuses which come from across the board have finally reached “Maximum Overload”.  If you can believe it, a few Legislators are actually taking a long look at not only million dollar annual salaries, but also gross amounts in annual Pension pay-outs.  Governor Arnold has even decided to stick around Sacramento to address a few details rather than going on vacation and having fun.


Talking to Supervisor John Moorlach might have yeilded a somewhat more definitive answer to a discussion of Pension issues…but then he was currently unavailable.  So, we asked our Libertarian-Independent neighbor all about those Pensions wads and what should be done to make the State of California whole.  Consider it your basic push poll….that most politicians really use.  They call up one person they know will state their case and they use that as their basis of true understanding on any issue.  Our neighbor John is in his late 30’s, has two young boys 7 and 5 and a beautiful hardworking stay at home wife.

Our neighbor John…not to be confused with John Moorlach again….had no qualms about saying that saving Pensions for Firefighters and Police was OK…but that every other Public Employee Group should be forced to simply follow these simple changes to their benefit packages: (1) No retirement with 3 at 50. (2)  All retirement would be 3 at 60 starting immediately.  All those that have already started their 3 at 50…..would be put on hold….until they turn 60.  3rdly, when they do get their Social Security at 62 or later -and if they get it, that money would be deducted from their Pension Payments…one, two, three or all.  Finally, if any of these people decide to find lucrative consulting jobs with any Public Agency or Government Facility – Their Pension payments would immediately cease for that Calendar year or twelve months, whatever is greater.

OK, face it our neighbor is out there.  He loves the Tea Party people and thinks that Christine O’Donnell will win Delaware this November.  Having said and considering all that,  our neighbor John does have a pretty good argument for simplified Pension Reform. We do have to remember that these ideas are strictly from the deep Grass Roots, with pretty good logic and common sense solutions – we might add!

Yet, what might our good pal Supervisor Moorlach answer to one of his in district constituents, especially about “his namesakes ideas” on Public Employee Pension Reform?  Those CALPERS  Insurance people will be challenged changing all those Actuarial Tables overnight..won’t they?  Maybe AIG can serve a useful purpose afterall……..Reprinting the Pension Manuals is bound to take a while!  How many politicians do you think can dodge this issue…and for how long?  This could certainly be a November to remember!

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