Ultimatum for John Campbell from Debbie Tharp: You have one week, and then it’s on!

I have just received this forwarded email from the College Republicans regarding our request that Campbell participate in our Congressional debate at UCI:

Hi Anthony,

I was just informed that John Campbell will not be able to participate in the debate. It has something to do with congress being in session and not wanting to campaign til congress is out. I will get an update with Don Wagner and hopefully he can still attend.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,
“No right is safe unless citizens are willing to exercise and defend it”

Paul Greenberg

Oh, really?  Sorry for the inconvenience you say?  We have been planning this debate for months.  This is a little late to be a mere inconvenience. To be fair, it’s not your fault.  You are simply working for a losing team.  But this seems par for the course for John doesn’t it?   After all, his disdain for his voters has become notorious has it not?  So, as you quote in your signature, “no right is safe unless citizens are willing to exercise and defend it“…  lets start defending our right to real representation!

The following is my response to John Campbell.  Please feel free to post this on every site possible.

Hm.  This is interesting indeed, as I just contacted his office in DC today and his aid told me that congress would most likely no longer in session by Oct. 13th.  Furthermore, as the mail in ballots will be going out starting October 4th, he is denying his constituency the chance to hear him defend his actions before many of them vote.

One more thing, I know that John has missed more than 100 votes in this past year alone.  Does this mean that his constituency’s right to information is an even lower priority for him than a congressional vote?

This will not go unanswered by the voters!  I will extend one more olive branch to Mr. Campbell:  how about he names the date, and we will make it happen? Please relay to his office that this offer will stand for one week, that we demand an answer by this time next Tuesday, August 31st, and after that, we will assume that he does not want to address his own voters before the election and will take action accordingly to let the voters know of his disdain for their concerns.

Please note that I will be posting this offer throughout the media, blogs and all other information sources both in OC and DC.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication with the College Republicans and for your effort in planning this debate.

All the best,

Debbie Tharp
Candidate for State Assembly

So there you have it  Mr. Campbell… your ultimatum.  You have one week to answer.

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